Plugins are an essential part of making music and for years many plugins have been out of reach to most producers as they are expensive. For producers of music and developers of software, subscription is the future where everyone wins.

What are the advantages of moving to subscription? One of the best reasons to move to subscription is updates come more often and they are free. Under the traditional perpetual license model, you buy a piece of software and pay for upgrades. Under this scenario, there is little to no incentive for the developer to make many changes to the product until there are enough to justify charging for an upgrade. Under the subscription model, all upgrades are free. For users and developers this changes the model and therefore developers are more apt to release updates more frequently and users get the benefits of that.

There are those that believe subscriptions are more expensive. Let us show you an example of one of our current bundles from Eventide. The Ensemble bundle is $25 per month when paid annually. This bundle includes all Eventide plugins and 3400 presets. If purchased as a perpetual license this bundle would cost more than $1200 and would not include free updates. Under the subscription model it would take 4 years of payments to cover the cost of the perpetual license and during that period of time, you get access to ALL new plugins Eventide makes and any upgrades. Under the perpetual model, you would pay for upgrades every 12-18 months.

Some would ask, "Well, why would these software companies do this?" Why would they go to subscriptions of it would take so long for them to make the same money as a 1-time payment? The mission is to lower the barrier of entry and make the software more affordable to more people. Making money from music is hard. Why should folks with fewer resources be shut out from getting access to the best DSP in the world? Everyone's’ music should sound great and by moving to subsection software companies who to make it way more affordable for more people.

Subscriptions also give you more flexibility as you can just use them as you need them. When you are not making music simply cancel your subscription and when you are ready to pick things back up you can start your subscription again.

Subscriptions also make collaborations easier. All too often sessions are sent around and at least 1 person does not have all of the plugins required to open a session. With subscriptions, you can get the ones you need for the time you need them then cancel. So no need to go out and spend a lot of money on perpetual licenses when you may only use the software for 1 project.  

Finally, we at Gobbler have worked really hard to make the process of installing and updating easier than ever before. The Gobbler application makes installation of software as easy as 1-click download and install. Gone are the days sitting in front of your computer individually installing software.  Once you have the software installed. Gobbler will also notify you when there are updates. This way you’ll have instant access to the latest tools and the installers are downloaded through the application.

This is especially useful with plug-in bundles that are constantly adding new plug-ins, like Softube Volume 1. Instead of checking the website every week to see if the latest plug-ins are released the Gobbler app lets subscribers download the new plug-in instantly from a notification.

Features of the Gobbler application include:
1. Reliable downloads with auto-retry
2. Install all of your software in just one click
3. Keep all of your software up to date with one click
4. Activate your software without Pace iLok Manager
5. Easily uninstall your software
6. Uses almost zero resources
7. Free backup of your session files

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our CEO Chris Kantrowitz. He can be reached at