The Number 1 Reverb Mistake Of New Mixers

Watch as Gobbler mentor Pete Dowsett (Abbey Road Institute) uses the Relab LX480 to chain multiple reverbs together in a dense Rock mix.

Are you interested in learning how to use multiple reverbs in your songs, but don’t know where to start?
Do you find that a reverb will work well with one part of your track, but will mess up the rest of it?

This is seriously frustrating, and a big problem for new and intermediate mixers. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Because the LX480 is a plug-in, you can use multiple instances to ‘chain’ reverbs together.

In other words, you’ll use one reverb on one part of your track (say the drums) and another part on another (say the lead guitar). This means you can specify a reverb to fit each portion of the track. Rather than having to select a ‘one-size fits all’ option instead.

The Number 1 Reverb Mistake Of New Mixers

Imagine how much better your tracks would be if you learned to do this. And just think about how much more control you’d have!

In this video, our Professional Mixing Coach, Pete Dowsett shows you exactly how to do it.

After watching it, you’ll know how to select the right reverb for each part of your piece, and how to separate them so they don’t get all squished together. Helping you craft the perfect sound for your mix.

The Number 1 Reverb Mistake Of New Mixers

Watch the video and learn how to chain your reverbs together like a professional mixer. l know exactly how to make vocals sit in a track. And neither overpower the track or be drowned out by it.