How to EQ Harsh Tones When Mixing Vocals

Watch as 6x Grammy winner Richard Furch uses the McDSP AE400 to EQ harsh tones when mixing vocals.

Are you struggling with some unpleasant harshness in your vocal tracks?
If this is something you’re struggling with, then we’ve got a real treat for you today…

One of the hardest part of making a great sounding song is making sure the vocals smooth and sound “just right”.

If you’re dealing with a harsh and brittle vocal, sometimes you just need to tame a few key frequencies to smooth everything out.

These frequencies are often referred to as the “whistle tones”.

How to EQ Harsh Tones When Mixing Vocals

Of course, there are many ways to approach taming these offending frequencies, but sometimes all you need is the right tool and the right technique…

In this video, our Gobbler mentor, Richard Furch (who’s won 6 Grammys) talks you through how he goes about picking and editing processing these vocal track issues so they fit with his mix.

In it, he teaches you a very valuable (and cool) trick of the trade…

By the time you’ve finished watching you’ll know exactly how to find and treat harsh tones in vocals so your tracks sound 100x better!