How to Create Motor Acceleration Sounds

Le Sound Audio Motors

Le Sound’s Audio Motors plugin allows you to create and customize realistic engine motor sounds to add excitement and authenticity to any visual content.

Once upon a time, capturing great engine sounds was not only expensive and tedious, it was also very difficult. You’d have to scout for specific vehicles, spend time auditioning them to get the ones that best suit your production, and then hope to find ones wth the best exhaust systems, so that your recordings don’t turn into white noise when the vehicles are recorded at high RPMs.

How to Create Motor Acceleration Sounds

And after all that, assuming your recordings were free of environmental noises, it was usually quite a task to match your recordings perfectly with any video content. Unfortunately, today’s budgets don’t usually allow for such expensive and time-consuming methods. Which is why Audio Motors is so perfect for today’s audio engineers, especially those working in the film, television and video game industries.

In this quick tip from Gobbler, we’ll show you how to do motor acceleration and deceleration, locked to a visual, using a little automation and the RPM control from the Le Sound Audio Motors plugin.

How does it work?

In this session, we have 4 tracks and 4 separate instances of the Audio Motors plugin, each for a different scene in the video clip. Although the plugin offers a lot more customizability, to keep things simple, we are only using the RPM control in order to match the audio and video content through acceleration, deceleration and gear changes.

  1. In the first track, the automation curve controlling the RPM takes us smoothly through an acceleration and 3 gear changes.
  2. The second track takes us through a nice, even linear acceleration.
  3. The third track is another linear acceleration, with a single gear change.
  4. And the fourth and final track is an example of a deceleration that runs all the way down to the engine simply idling.

This was only a short demonstration, using the same sound source, of the many possibilities offered by Le Sound’s Audio Motors plugin. Besides the large library of starting sounds, you also have the ability to incorporate your own recorded sounds, and then save them in the preset library for quick and easy recall.

Audio Motors’ simple and intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily create and completely customize engine motor sounds for any kind of video or audio production, saving you both time and money in some of today’s most creative and fast-paced industries.