How To Create Dynamic Ambient Wind Sounds

Le Sound Audio Wind

Create the exact wind sound you need to add ambience, emotion and a sense of space to any visual scene or audio production.

Setting the sonic tone to a visual is not as easy as it may seem. And capturing something as ever-changing and unpredictable as the wind can be a long and frustrating process. You see, the sound doesn’t come from the wind itself, but rather what the wind blows up against or passes through.

How To Create Dynamic Ambient Wind Sounds

In the past, you would either have to mic up interesting objects in order to capture how the wind interacts with those objects or try to simulate wind sounds by dragging certain fabrics across a carpeted floor. Both of these options can be painstakingly time-consuming. With Le Sound’s Audio Wind, you can easily create and manipulate wind sounds in a matter of minutes, and customize them to suit your video or audio production needs.

Here’s a quick tip from Gobbler to get you started

Although Audio Wind is an incredibly versatile plugin that offers unlimited sound crafting options, we will only focus on one section of the interface to give you just a taste of how it can work for you.

After choosing a wind sound from the built-in preset library, we will manipulate the sound using only the Global controls, which allow you to quickly and easily adjust multiple components at the same time. First, set the component controls to Global, then, in the Global control panel itself, you have the option of setting the Global controls to either Manual or Auto.

In Manual mode, for example, you can use the Speed control to change the wind as your scene demands. Auto mode allows you to create a wilder and more vivid atmosphere that evolves freely within your set parameters.

This is just one example of how Le Sound’s Audio Wind gives you unlimited options in terms of creating the perfect ambient sound to emotionally enhance your video or audio production. Once you get started, and really dig into the controls, we know you will love the artistic customizability of this amazing plugin.