EQ Tricks To Add Clarity To Bass

Watch 7x Grammy award winner Darrell Thorp uses the McDSP FilterBank to add clarity and punch to bass guitar.

Bass Overwhelming Your Tracks?
Find Out To How To Keep It Under Control…

There’s nothing more frustrating than having one part of your track that just sounds…off.

You can have every other instrument sounding incredible. Every other part of the track going together perfectly. But if just one part isn’t right, then the whole thing can collapse.

On many songs, the problem is the bass.

EQ Tricks To Add Clarity To Bass

You see, getting the bass right is tricky. Too soft, and there’s no order to the track. Nothing to hold it together. But too hard, and it drowns out the rest of the song.

If this is a problem you’ve had, then you know how tiresome it can be to continually tweak the bass, hoping to hit just the balance you’re looking for.

In fact, it’s easy to waste tons of time this way. And after all of that, still be no closer to having your track sounding how you want.

Luckily though, you don’t have to worry about this anymore…

Because we’ve got a completely FREE video put together by our friend (and 7x Grammy Winner) Darrell Thorp.

EQ Tricks To Add Clarity To Bass

In the video, Darrell explains exactly how to calm down the bass on your track so it still commands attention, but doesn’t drown out the rest of your song. Now there’s no need for you to waste hours trying to get your bass sounding right…

Because once you’ve watched Darell’s video, you’ll know exactly how to get the perfect bass for your track..