How To Add Thickness And Clarity To Your Vocal

Watch as 7x Grammy winner Darrell Thorp uses the Antares Mic Mod to add thickness and richness to a thin vocal to help it sit better in the mix.

Want To Brighten Up a Dark Vocal and Make It Sound Rich and Full?
Here’s one way you can to take a dull or thin vocal track and breathe new life into it…

Getting a lead vocal to sound thick, clear and full of richness can be a very tricky process.

Every singer is different. But the characteristics of a great sounding performance are often very similar. And sometimes all it takes is pairing the right voice with the right microphone.

Now you can hear what the same performance sounds like through different microphones…during the mix process.

Try this simple trick from 7x Grammy winner Darrell Thorp.

He uses the Antares Mic Mod to add a bright thickness to a dark and nasally lead vocal to help sit better in the mix.

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