How to Add “Air” To Your Vocals

Watch as 7x Grammy winner Darrell Thorp uses the Softube Abbey Road RS127 to add clarity and “air” to help a vocal cut through a dense mix.

Having Trouble Getting Your Vocal To Cut Through Your Mix?
Here’s a simple way to add life to a dull sounding vocal track…

Getting vocals to sit in a mix if often one of the most difficult stages of the entire mixing process.

If you’re dealing with a dull and uninteresting vocal, sometimes you just need to add a little something extra to make the whole track come to life.

This is often referred to giving the vocal “a little air”

Of course there a TON of ways to get you great results, but sometimes less is truly more…

So if your vocal track is struggling for some clarity, try this simple trick from 7x Grammy winner Darrell Thorp.

He uses the Softube Abbey Road RS127 to help this vocal to cut through a dense mix.

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