When Relab Development was founded in 2004, they quietly worked behind the scenes building reverb plug-ins for other companies like IK Multimedia’s Classik Studio Reverb and SSL’s X-Verb (for their Duende DSP processors). By the time they released their own plug-ins, they had already become masters at making an amazing product. It’s no wonder why the LX480 very quickly became the industry standard for recording studios and major motion pictures.

The LX480 is modeled after the legendary Lexicon 480L hardware reverb unit that has been used on major records for over 20 years due to the premiere way it alters audio. It's a magical sounding reverb that has a big, wide, deep and exciting sound which blends into the mix in a very special way. Making a digital reverb that sounds like the original hardware is no easy task, but this is exactly why the LX480 has been so popular. Relab Development didn’t have access to the raw algorithms used in the hardware unit, but their experience in studying digital reverbs ment they had “developed methods to determine the exact structures” employed by the original — which bodes well for the emulation!

Mapping the user controls (which are styled to closely resemble a Lexicon LARC) is a hard task to accomplish as well according to the Relab team, but by doing so the LX480 has become more than an emulation and is nearly an identical replication of the reverb control. The sounds and behaves as the Lexicon 480L as a result.

Lexicon 480L vs Relab LX480

Frankly.. I'm blown away by this! The Relab LX480 is the only plug-in emulation that accurately replicates/recreates reverbs from Lexicon's 480. Meaning: they are virtually identical. There is no "inspired by" in here or any vague definition of "emulation" - the output from the algorithms in LX480 is identical to that from the original algorithms.

Relab’s latest plug-in the VSR S24 is a faithful recreation of a very high-end set of algorithms for both music and post productions. The reverb excels at applying ‘prettier than life’ reverberation to many sources of a mix or complete stereo/multi-channel stems. It adds complex Early Reflections as well as uncorrelated diffused response to the signal. VSR S24 is the first professional reverb with multiple selectable reverberation engines which can completely change the overall spaciousness, color and reverb characteristics to simulate any environment accurately.

You can get all of Relab’s world class reverbs today starting at only $7.99 a month, which is a no-brainer.Buying the individual licenses would total over $700. Check out the full Relab Reverb Suite available on Gobbler here:

Relab Reverb Suite