The PACE team recently dropped off a set of the new iLok 3 USB dongles to the Gobbler office, and I am in love with the full metal iLok! The iLok 3 is half the size of the iLok 2, it is twice as fast, and it comes with three times as much storage for licenses.

The iLok 3 is fully backwards compatible with everything that the iLok 2 worked with, so you will not have to purchase new plug-ins or experience any issue with the Gobbler app while using an iLok 3. This is great news for people like me who have been asking for a more low-profile iLok dongle that look out of place on my keychain. The internal components for the iLok 3 are ingeniously small and packed into a metal chase that makes duplication of it virtually impossible. The iLok 3 also has fewer internal components, which means fewer points of failure for people who are using it in the field.

The iLok 3 Features:

  •      Full Metal Jacket – The entire body is one unibody aluminum frame like an Apple computer, which makes the iLok less likely to crack. The blue LED indicator light is hidden in the key loop
  •      Embossed Logo – Makes counterfeiting fake iLok USB dongles extremely difficult, which will reduce the iLok scams online
  •      Smaller Size – 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide with a metallic silver finish makes it blend in nicely on a keychain
  •      Etched Serial Number – If someone steals your iLok 3, the etched serial number will identify the rightful owner and is designed to not easily rub off
  •      Security Loop – wide enough for desktop security cables to loop in to allow a studio to leave the USB in the machines when inviting artists over
  •      Increased Storage – Store up to 1,500 licenses, which is 3x the storage limit of the iLok 2s

The iLok 3 is the most durable iLok yet, and this is the first time that I’m comfortable enough with the design to carry it around with me everywhere I go. The previous iLok 2s are small, but the plastic design would become damaged easily causing me to leave it in my backpack.

The best thing about the iLok 3 is the new storage capacity, now holding up to 1,500 licenses. The previous iLok 2 could only hold 500 licenses, which would force many producers to have multiple iLoks for multiple manufacturers. Zero Downtime and Theft and Loss Coverage are available as an option with the iLok 3.

"Many people asked for the iLok to be smaller; now it is," says Andrew Kirk, Vice President of PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc. "The metal design and larger security loop should make it easier for the iLok to become your favorite item on your keychain or necklace. Along with our Eden Fusion technology, the 3rd generation iLok provides a publisher with the most secure tools in the industry. Period."

You can purchase the iLok 3 directly from PACE for $49.95 today 

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