What is struQture?

struQture, from Qubiq Audio, is a technology platform which can take all your audio content (samples, loops, stems, etc) and build them into custom virtual instruments for sale on the Gobbler subscription marketplace. Qubiq powered plugins have your name, your graphics, and your layout, and will run inside all the popular DAWs (Live, StudioOne, Logic, ProTools, Audacity, Fruity Loops, etc.) on Mac or Windows.

Best of all, its fully copy protected and fully supported in Gobbler's subscription marketplace so you can rest knowing you'll see a return on your creative investment.


How It Works


Create Your Content

Easily download, install and keep all your plugins updated to the latest version with as little as 1-click.


Build Your Plugin

Use Qubiq's plugin designs and add your own name and logo; or design your own layout, functionality and graphics.

Either way you'll end up with a custom plugin that's copy protected, inside an installer and ready to sell.


Subscriptions & Profit

Once your plugin is ready, we'll load it up on the Gobbler platform and sales can begin. Subscriptions are a growing and proven sales method that brings in new customers at a price they can afford.