Solid State Logic’s 30 Day Free Trial

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With updates to two plug-ins and the recent addition of eleven brand new ones to the line-up in the last year, now’s the perfect time to try Solid State Logic’s Complete Bundle!
The Complete Bundle includes all 21 of the SSL plug-ins, and you can fall in love with them for free with the 30 day free trial.
The trial does not require a method of payment. All you have to do to start using these amazing plug-ins on your mixes is register a Gobbler account (unless you already have one) during the sign-up process.
Your trial will expire automatically after 30 days so there is no worries about an unwanted conversion to a paid subscription!
Don’t delay any longer and start your free trial now here!

SSL’s plug-ins provide the precision, advanced feature set and legendary tonal characteristics of SSL audio products in affordable plug-in form. The latest release of the bundle introduces the updated “Channel Strip 2”, “Bus Compressor 2”, “LMC+” the “Fusion Suite” that includes Vintage Drive, Stereo Image, HF Compressor, Violet EQ and Transformer”, the recently released “X-Echo”, “X-Delay”, “DeEss”, “X-Gate” and the newly added “X-Limit”.
SSL’s licenses no longer require an iLok 2 or 3 USB key for activation. They can be authorized on a computer instead.

The SSL ‘Complete Bundle’ includes the following: X-EQ2, ChannelStrip 2, Bus Compressor 2, FlexVerb, Drumstrip, VocalStrip 2, X-Saturator, X-Comp, X-ValveComp, X-Phase, LMC+, Fusion “Vintage Drive” & “Stereo Image”, X-Echo, Fusion HF Compressor, Violet EQ and Transformer, X-Delay, DeEss, X-Gate and X-Limit and is available on subscription via the Gobbler Marketplace.
Start your free trial here

The Solid State Logic plug-ins keep getting incredible reviews online. Here’s a great comparison of the SSL plug-ins against the Waves emulation of the SSL channel strip:



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