Solid State Logic’s 30 Day Free Trial

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With regular updates to existing plug-ins and constant addition of new ones (over a dozen in the last year!) to the line-up, now’s the perfect time to try Solid State Logic’s Complete suite!
“Complete” includes every world-class plug-in released by SSL and you can fall in love with them for free with a “30-Day Free” trial.
All you have to do to start using these amazing plug-ins in your mixes is register a Gobbler Marketplace account (unless you already have one) during the sign-up process.

When it ends, your trial will automatically convert to a paid “Annual Billed Monthly” subscription, for $14.99/month, so you don’t have to worry about losing access to your SSL plug-ins!
You will be able to opt out of the paid subscription at any time during the trial.
Don’t delay any longer and start your free trial now here!

In addition to the “Annual Billed Monthly” plan, two more options are available. You can find them here: SSL Subscription Options Page

SSL’s plug-ins provide the precision, advanced feature set and legendary tonal characteristics of SSL audio products in affordable plug-in form. The latest release of the bundle introduces the updated “Channel Strip 2”, “Bus Compressor 2”, “LMC+” the “Fusion Suite” that includes Vintage Drive, Stereo Image, HF Compressor, Violet EQ and Transformer”, X-Echo”, “X-Delay”, “DeEss”, “X-Gate”, “X-Limit”, the recently released 4K B, Blitzer, SubGen, Meter, G3 MultiBusComp, Bass Flow and the newly added Drum Flow.
SSL’s licenses no longer require an iLok key for activation. They can be also authorized on a computer.

The SSL ‘Complete’ suite includes the following: X-EQ2, ChannelStrip 2, Bus Compressor 2, FlexVerb, Drumstrip, VocalStrip 2, X-Saturator, X-Comp, X-ValveComp, X-Phase, LMC+, Fusion “Vintage Drive” & “Stereo Image”, X-Echo, Fusion HF Compressor, Violet EQ and Transformer, X-Delay, DeEss, X-Gate, X-Limit, Guitarstrip, 4K B, Blitzer, SubGen, Meter, G3 MultiBusComp, Bass Flow and Drum Flow and is available on subscription via the Gobbler Marketplace.
Start your free trial here!

The Solid State Logic plug-ins keep getting incredible reviews online. Here’s a great comparison of the SSL plug-ins against the Waves emulation of the SSL channel strip: