Gobbler Referral Program

OFFER: Buy the Gobbler Ultimate Studio Bundle and refer friends for $5 off per month (after the first month) per friend. This program is only valid for the Gobbler Ultimate Studio Bundle. Friends get 25% off for their first month.


Referrer – user that purchases the Gobbler Ultimate Studio bundle and then markets the bundle to friends

Referee – user that receives the Referrer’s marketing of the bundle and purchases the bundle with the Referrer’s referral link.

Program Overview

  1. Referrer must purchase the 1st month to qualify.
  2. Referrer discount is a fixed $5 off credit that will be applied to the next month’s bill. If the Referrer pauses/cancels, they lose their credit.
  3. This program only applies to monthly plans and to NEW Referee customers.
  4. Credit is applied to the Referrer’s next month as soon as the Referee completes purchase.
  5. Referrers will accumulate $5 credits in a total credit balance which will draw down monthly.
  6. Referrer must be in good standing in that they cannot have missed a payment (when a balance is due) or be paused.
  7. If a Referee buys more than 1 subscription from a Referrer, the Referrer only gets the $5 credit for the Referee’s 1st purchase.
  8. If a Referee buys from multiple different referral links, only the first purchase qualifies for the $5 credit.
  9. If a Referee clicks on multiple widget links from different social widgets, credit goes to the last linked clicked for the purchase.
  10. Gobbler reserves the right to terminate accounts and credits due to fraud.

End of Program

The Gobbler ends 12/31/17 at which Referrers will stop receiving $5 credits for Referees. Referrer credits already accumulated will remain in tact and continue draw down after that date. Gobbler reserves the right to extend the program date.

Blackout Dates

Blackout dates will apply and be posted here. During such dates, no $5 credits will be given to Referrers on those dates.

Internet & Disclaimer

Gobbler is not responsible for any malfunction of the Gobbler Referral Program or any lost data due to system errors, malfunctions, hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connectivity or hacking of any sort.