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Grow your pro-audio subscription business with Gobbler, the leading SAAS pro-audio plugin subscription platform.

Why Subscription?

Publishers in the Pro-Audio space are always asking themselves how to grow their business beyond the target market of audio engineering professionals. The answer is here and it's subscription.

Benefits Include:

  • Larger addressable market - there's more amateurs and semi-pros than professional audio engineers out there.
  • Eliminate the boom and bust pain - with subscriptions, publishers experience consistent recurring monthly revenue.
  • Lower barrier to entry - subscriptions are cheaper for the customer and make the purchasing decision easy.
  • Easier release schedules - gone are the 18 month release cycles. Release when you're ready.



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Incredible Features:

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Gobbler is loaded with power features to help publishers sell subscriptions. On the customer experience side, Gobbler provides ease of use purchasing, updating and installing. Publishers are fully protected with iLok anti-piracy protection. It's why more publishers look to Gobbler to handle their subscriptions than anyone else.


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Mac Client


Vendor Portal Dashboard


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White Label Checkout

Better Customer Experience

Old way using a 12 plugin bundle as an example:
  1. Click Purchase
  2. Enter payment information
  3. Download large single file with 12 installers contained within it
  4. Click Install on each plugin
  5. Go to
  6. Register for an ilok account
  7. Open email
  8. Confirm email address
  9. Download Ilok Manager
  10. Install ILM
  11. Log into ILM
  12. Open Email and get authcode
  13. Open ILM enter authorization code
  14. Open DAW
  15. Authorize each individual plugin
  16. Delete Installers
With Gobbler:
  1. Click Purchase
  2. Create account
  3. Enter Payment Information
  4. Download Gobbler app
  5. Install Gobbler App
  6. Log into Gobbler
  7. Click Install All
  8. Open DAW
  9. Make music

Powerful Native Clients

Easily download, install and keep all your plugins updated to the latest version with as little as 1-click.


Anti-Piracy Protection

Gobbler uses the iLok anti-piracy protection system to protect publishers from theft and consumers from malware.


Data Management

Publishers own their own data. All signup, customer information and revenue stats are at the publisher's fingertips.


Subscription Engine

Gobbler supports a variety of subscription types to offer publishers flexibility.


Promotion Engine

Gobbler has many tools to help publishers run promotions to boost product sales from monthly and annual percentage and fixed price discounts to coupons.


Sales Flexibility

Sell your subscriptions everywhere. The platform lets publishers sell on their own websites, on Facebook, through distributors via blogs and more!


Those Are Just A Few Main Features,

There Are Plenty More


iLok Shipping Program

  • Does your software require an ilok? If so.. We can help you grow your audience and eliminate the friction forcing your customers to go buy an ilok.
  • Gobbler offers a low charge service to ship iloks directly to new customers.

Affiliate Link Program

  • Use the vendor portal to generate affiliate links for your products.
  • Cut deals with other sites to promote your product.
  • Receive monthly reports on sales.
  • CPA Deals have never looked so sweet.

Bulk Sales

  • Sell unlimited licenses to an institution.
  • System allows for invoicing and receiving checks.
  • There are xxxx students and xxxx music schools in the world.. Why shouldn't you sell to all of them?

Free Collaboration Software

  • As an added bonus your users will receive access to the Gobbler Collaboration Cloud.
  • The first system designed by and for music makers.
  • Unlimited backup.
  • Unlimited transfer.
  • Fast as heck.

Vendor Portal

  • Your system is totally under your control.
  • Update your apps as often as you like 24/7.
  • Daily sales updates.
  • Customer Data.
  • Full dashboard for:
    • Refunds.
    • Customer service management.
    • License redeposits.

Perpetual License Support

  • We understand it's going to take time for subscription to be more widespread so we have enabled Gobbler to support your perpetual business as well. Use the Gobbler platform to:
    • Have a singular login for perpetual and subscription users.
    • Let your perpetual customers have the Gobbler installation and update experience.
    • Use Gobbler to download and install perpetual license sales from your distribution partners.

EDU Sales

  • Domain whitelisting makes it easy to automatically validate the identity of a customer. Gone are the days spending valuable time looking at ID cards and manually validating identity.
  • Subscriptions are better suited for the .edu environment.
    • Students often take courses for a term.
    • They have limited budgets to spend on software.
    • Sell to more customers with the potential for higher conversion after they leave school.

"Gobbler was literally a click-and-forget process."

"Gobbler used to get A LOT of bashing around here, but I think it's a great and user friendly system. Recently I had a system disk crash, and had to change the disk and install everything from scratch. Gobbler was literally a click-and-forget process. After I clicked "Install all" all of my Slate stuff AND Softube stuff got installed, while I could save time and do other things. Thumbs up! I think the only thing from Slate, that that wasn't automatically installed was the VMS."

- Slate Digital Customer

Got my software updated via the new Gobbler installer and all my odd plugin crashes, etc just 'went away' - the updated version is as close to perfect as I could imagine, at least for my own personal desires and workflow.


Softube Customer

Got my software updated via the new Gobbler installer and all my odd plugin crashes, etc just 'went away' - the updated version is as close to perfect as I could imagine, at least for my own personal desires and workflow.


Chris Kantrowitz, CEO

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