SSL X-Delay

Endlessly creative vintage sync-able 4-tap digital delay.
Love Delay. Love X-Delay!

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About The SSL X-Delay

Solid State Logic’s X-Delay is an intuitive digital delay plug-in, controllable from a beautiful and easy-to-use GUI, inspired by legendary hardware processors from the era of big delays, huge vocals and blazing guitar tracks – the 80’s!
A new addition to SSL’s line-up of creatively focused plug-in, X-Delay is perfect for cavernous FX, up-front doubling and vast stereo soundscapes… And of course slaps-you-back to the 80’s and straight into 2080.

How Does The SSL X-Delay Work?

The moment you launch SSL’s X-Delay in your DAW you will want to experiment with this intuitive 80’s-inspired digital delay plug-in.
This plug-in features the right selection of processing tools to quickly and intuitively create professional quality delays for any vocal, instrument or sound.
Add that 80’s vibe by combining SSL’s renowned Saturation and Modulation for just the right amount of grit or shimmer.
Unique Multiplier control allows the alteration of all delay times simultaneously (an automation dream!).
Crank “Diffuse” and go from small plate to rich, thick reverb and beyond, and fine tune delay taps using SSL HP/LP filters, De-ess and Mix control to keep your delays mean and mixes clean.

Why The SSL X-Delay Is Such A Big Deal...

  • Intuitive 80’s-inspired GUI.
  • 4 independently configurable delay taps: Independent level, ping pong and panning controls.
  • Easily sync delay taps.
  • Add swing and build polyrhythms by dropping sync’d taps into ‘dotted’ and ‘triplet’ modes.
  • Global MULTIPLIER control lets you halve or double all delay times simultaneously.
  • SSL high and low pass filters, mid/side width, de-essing and mix controls.
  • SSL saturation and modulation to add that ‘80s edge.
  • DIFFUSION control, featuring brand-new reverb design.
  • Freeze and kill to build risers and drops.
  • Built on the SSL Plug-in Engine:
    – SSL’s cross-platform preset management and A/B-ing system.
    – Built-in UNDO/REDO support.
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