SSL SubGen

SSL’s SubGen is a sophisticated, high-quality sub bass harmonic synthesizer plug-in that takes bass and LFE material to places no EQ can…

– Dive into Deep Bass! –

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About The SSL SubGen

SubGen was developed around a natural-sounding bass synthesis algorithm that utilizes wave inversion to generate a bipolar waveform an octave lower than the source material and can quickly and easily give you huge, natural sounding bass, with control and refinement to sit perfectly in your mix.

Whether you’re a musician looking to easily rebuild bass frequencies in thin-sounding guitars or drums, or a post-production engineer wanting to generate LFE content for a film mix or sound design project, SubGen’s unique 4 band design, combined with renowned SSL ‘DRIVE’ and ‘COMPRESS’ features will give you the ultimate in bass generation and control.

How Does The SSL SubGen Work?

SubGen’s Multi-band harmonic synthesizer, with 4 independently configurable bands with frequency read out, width control and LED metering, will give you total control and insight to tell exactly how much low frequency / sub content is being generated.
With the Interactive graph you’ll know exactly how source material and each band of synthesized material are interacting. You will quickly configure band gain, centre frequency and width in a visual way.
SubGen provides you with three types of tailored saturation:
Bass to add bite to your bass with strong harmonics for that 70s style drive
Kick to add lighter harmonics and subtle overtones for that 60/70s kick distortion
Pre will be ideal for sources other than bass and kick to add that 50s valve-style overdrive
With newly designed attack/release times and smooth knee, SubGen’s built in compressor will provide the perfect glue to combine synthesized and source material.

Why The SSL SubGen Is Such A Big Deal...

  • High-quality sub-bass generator.
  • Sub-bass harmonic synthesizer with up to 4 configurable bands.
  • Global filter control with gentle low-pass and high-pass filters.
  • Interactive graph for configuring band gain, center frequency and width.
  • Per-band soloing options for auditioning the generated sub-bass.
  • Dial in harmonics with a single, gain-compensated drive control.
  • Choose from three types of tailored saturation characters (“Pre”, “Bass” and “Kick”).
  • – Pre: 50s valve-style overdrive, with smooth and subtle overtones, emulating a valve pre-amp and ideal for sources other than bass and kick
    – Bass: 70s transistor-style drive and grit with strong harmonics, mild overtones, med-high wet/dry blend with aggressive overtones for adding bite to bass
    – Kick: 60/70s transistor-style drive with lighter harmonics and subtle overtones for adding distortion to kicks

  • Built-in compressor with make-up gain and GR meter, for adding ‘glue’ and controlling the generated sub-bass.
  • Quickly A/B the effect of drive and compression using each section’s bypass controls.
  • Use the intuitive all-in-one mix control to blend any combination of wet/dry signal from a single control .
  • Lock your desired mix setting when switching between presets.
  • Built-in help – simply click the ‘?’ and mouseover the GUI to find out more.
  • Cross-platform preset management.
  • A/B for quickly switching between presets.
  • Undo/redo.

Hear the Blitzer In Action

What People Are Saying About SSL SubGen

“It sounds so big, better than any other plug-in I’ve used!”

- NLS Recording Studio

“The GUI is a very elegant way of displaying multi-band sub synthesis. I have some other plugins which do a similar thing, but this is by far the clearest, most accessible implementation of this that I’ve seen.”

- MarkRM
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