SSL Native X-Phase

Frequency specific phase control. Intuitive tool for correcting awkward phase issues.

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About the SSL Native X-Phase

X-Phase is an All-pass Filter plug-in that offers the user manual control and high-quality response. It enables the user to apply a phase shift (sometimes called a phase offset) at a specified frequency within a signal. Unlike other filter types where the gain of selected frequencies is altered, with an All-pass Filter the gain remains unchanged throughout the signal. This is useful for fixing phase problems with microphones when recording: eg overheads causing phase problems when mixed with close mic’s.


SSL Native X-Phase Overview Video

Audio Example Video

Why The SSL Native X-Phase Is Such a Big Deal

  • Frequency-specific phase control
  • Frequency and Q controls
  • Delay setting in a range of formats
  • L, R or L&R operation
  • A&B Preset switch for settings comparison
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