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About the SSL Native X-EQ

X-EQ is an open and transparent sounding parametric EQ that provides the user with a truly comprehensive range of EQ tools within an intuitive user interface. X-EQ is exceptionally flexible with the ability to be surgically precise for mastering duties or to smooth and sculpt for everyday audio production and is particularly suited to real-time manipulation for dramatic filter sweep effects.

SSL Native X-EQ

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Why The SSL Native X-EQ Is Such a Big Deal

SSL Native X-EQ
  • Ten band parametric EQ with individually selectable EQ type per band
  • Bands one & 10 are High & Low Cut Filters, each with five different selectable topographies
  • Bands two & nine are Shelving EQ’s with proportional Q values
  • Bands three to eight are Bell Filters with 20Hz-20kHz range and nine individually selectable EQ types
  • Bands three to eight can be switched between standard series and parallel signal flow for classic graphic EQ style operation
  • Real time FFT signal analysis display
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