SSL Native X-ValveComp

The fully-featured channel compressor with added grit.

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About the SSL Native X-ValveComp

X-ValveComp is a fully-featured channel compressor with a full set of classic channel compressor controls and an added ‘valve’ emulation stage. The valve emulation stage sits after the compressor in the signal path and adds a degree of primarily 2nd order harmonic saturation and distortion that thickens and colors the sound.


SSL Native X-ValveComp Overview Video

Audio Example Video

Why The SSL Native X-ValveComp Is Such a Big Deal

  • Fully-featured channel compressor
  • Valve emulation stage adds harmonic saturation and distortion
  • Switches between Peak & RMS mode
  • Side Chain with high and low pass filters
  • Manual and Auto Gain Make Up modes
  • Threshold, Ratio, Knee, Attack, Release, hold controls
  • Wet/Dry Mix control for parallel compression
  • A&B Preset switch for settings comparison
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