SSL Native Drumstrip

The simple path to better drum tracks.

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About the SSL Native Drumstrip

The secret to making an average drum recording sound incredible can be elusive. It takes the right combination of processors, with the perfect sonic character, in the correct configuration and tweaked in the right way. Drumstrip takes drum sounds from ordinary and average to vibrant and exhilarating in a few quick, easy steps.


SSL Native Drumstrip Overview Video

Audio Example Video

Why The SSL Native Drumstrip Is Such a Big Deal

  • Carefully selected collection of five audio processing tools
  • Transient shaper with Transient Invert to bring the attack phase of your drums to life
  • Dedicated Drum Gate with range and independent open and close threshold controls
  • High Frequency Enhancer to invigorate top end
  • Low Frequency Enhancer to enrich bass frequencies
  • The classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor, with narrow or full-band range and dry/wet mix control…perfect for parallel processing
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