SSL Meter

SSL’s Meter is an essential set of metering tools, meticulously designed to tackle audio challenges, ensure consistency, and deliver impactful mixes.

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About The SSL Meter

SSL’s Meter features measurements of peak & RMS levels, phase coherence, stereo balance, and frequency content. This plug-in will equip you with measurements for crafting top-notch mixes efficiently and effectively.

It will allow you to maximize your audio engineering workflow and gain the necessary insights to address audio issues, maintain consistent mixes, and achieve impactful results. With its integration capabilities and tools to meet all your essential metering needs, SSL Meter empowers you to shape and refine your audio projects with precision and speed.

How Does The SSL Meter Work?

SSL’s Meter Dual True Peak and RMS meters, supplemented by max and current text readouts will give you essential feedback on levels and overloads. You will be able to choose between different scales/systems: Non-Linear, Non-Linear 2x, Linear, Linear 2x, K-20, K-14, K-12.
You will be able to flag any phase issues within your stereo mix thanks to a lissajous phase scope with adjustable fade rate, together with a phase correlation meter. Additionally, the L-R balance bar above the phase scope will help you easily identify if your stereo image is being pulled to the left or right of centre.
The VUs and PPMs have been trusted metering tools amongst recording and broadcast engineers for decades and continue to provide highly valuable feedback about mix balances.
The 31-band Real-Time Analyser (RTA) displays the frequency spectrum of your instrument or mix and will allow you to pinpoint any problem areas. You will be able to interrogate each band for precise frequency values and adjust the Peak hold time and Averaging time to suit the source material.
The comprehensive control panel of the Meter will allow you to tailor parameters to your precise metering needs. You can even set the 0 VU Line Up standard, if using the VU Meter as part of a critical digital to analogue path.
Meter is fully re-scalable: From setting it to 200% on a secondary monitor or going down to 50% as you fight for screen real-estate, the scaling options have you covered.

Why The SSL Meter Is Such A Big Deal...

  • Classic digital metering.
  • Analogue (VU/PPM) meters.
  • Sound field metering (phase correlation and balance).
  • Real-Time-Averaging (RTA).
  • Fully re-scalable GUI.
  • Total Integration with UF1 and SSL 360°.
  • Carefully designed presets.
  • Undo/redo.
  • Built-in help – simply click the ‘?’ and mouseover the GUI to find out more.
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