The legendary Listen Mic Compressor from the SL 4000B console now available as a plug-in.
An engineer’s secret weapon!

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About the SSL LMC+

The distinctive LMC sound was discovered by accident – as many production techniques are – when the SL 4000B’s consoles communication link, the ‘Listen Mic Compressor’, was left engaged during a drum session recording.
The result: a thick, punchy compression effect that disappeared in an instant, and is to this day is widely regarded as the foundation for ‘that 80s drum sound’.

The SSL LMC+ plug-in brings a new and significantly enhanced version of the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor – as originally found in the centre section of the legendary SL 4000B console – to your DAW, updated with a new set of creative tools for artists, producers and engineers.

Why The SSL LMC+ Is Such A Big Deal...

  • Modeled on the legendary SSL 4000 B console.
  • Fixed attack and release curves ideal for ambient sources.
  • External sidechain.
  • SSL high and low pass filters.
  • Simple to use, just dial in the AMOUNT.
  • ‘SCOOP’ phase inverts the wet signal.
  • ‘SPLIT’: engages bandpass subtraction mode.
  • Combine ‘SCOOP’ and ‘SPLIT’ for creative variations.
  • Subtle changes to destroying and deconstructing the signal.
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