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SSL Guitarstrip

SSL’s Guitarstrip is sure to be your new “go-to” processor for electric, acoustic and bass guitars.

– The easiest, quickest route to better guitar production! –

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About The SSL Guitarstrip

The 4 carefully tailored guitar processing modules of SSL’s Guitarstrip provide many useful tools for crafting the perfect guitar tone at both the pre-mix and mixing stages.

Drive module allows you to easily add overdrive and grit to your guitar and bass DIs.
Phase Correction module allows you to intuitively identify phase issues between multiple recordings.
Compressor module allows you to quickly tame levels or add punch to your guitar tracks.
EQ module allows you, with its 3-band channel, to easily tone-shape.

How Does The SSL Guitarstrip Work?

Featuring two classic analogue drive emulations – guitar amp and bass amp – Guitarstrip‘s DRIVE module lets you easily add overdrive and grit to your guitar and bass DIs, tame harshness, or electrify your acoustic guitar recordings. Use the BOOST, PUNCH, EDGE and SHAPE controls to sculpt the added harmonics, and the DRIVE MIX control to dial in anything from trashy distortion to subtle saturation.
Guitarstrip also provides a dedicated COMPRESSOR section with 5 preset response characteristics to quickly tame levels or add punch to your guitar tracks.
Use the intuitive PHASE CORRECTION module to identify phase issues between multiple recordings – for example, between your guitar amp recording and pedalboard DI – and correct them using the DELAY, PHASE INVERT and ALLPASS filter. By setting the ALIGN TO mode, you can even repurpose the phase correction module delay as a quick-and-easy way to add stereo depth to a mono signal.
Finally, theres is an easy-to-use 3-band channel EQ, for overall tone-shaping. that includes an asymmetrical low gain control and automatic band auditioning.

Why The SSL Guitarstrip Is Such A Big Deal...

  • Four carefully tailored guitar processing modules.
  • Drive module:
  • – Classic tube amp emulation for adding saturation and taming harshness
    – Two classic guitar amp models included – GUITAR AMP and BASS AMP
    – Dial in DRIVE to emulate overdriving tube amplifier
    – DRIVE is automatically gain-compensated – introduce harmonic content without effecting the level of your signal
    – Use the BOOST, PUNCH, EDGE and SHAPE controls to sculpt the tone of the drive
    – Enhance upper harmonic content and attack, or reduce for a silky-smooth high-end
    – Wet/dry MIX control

  • Phase Correction module:
  • – Simple and intuitive processor for correcting phase issues
    – Fix phase issues between your guitar amp recording and pedalboard DI
    – Quickly switch between two phase correction routing modes
    – Use SIDECHAIN mode to phase correct and align your track with reference to an externally sidechained signal
    – Use LEFT CHAN or RIGHT CHAN modes to phase correct and align only the left/right component of a stereo signal
    – CORRELATION METER indicates the phase difference between your signals
    – Use the sample-accurate DELAY and PHASE INVERT controls to make broad improvements to phasing issues
    – Use the ALLPASS filter with unity gain to make frequency-dependent phase corrections

  • Compressor module:
  • – 5 carefully designed compressor presets, for a wide range of guitar source material – from electric lead to acoustic strumming
    – AUTO-GAIN introduces an automatic make-up gain
    – Instantaneous GAIN REDUCTION meter
    – COMPRESSOR MIX control lets you dial in parallel compression

  • EQ module:
  • – Simplified 3-band channel EQ for tone-shaping
    – Asymmetrical LOW GAIN control cut-off increases as you boost, and decreases as you attenuate
    – Quickly dial back the MID GAIN to tame unpleasant frequencies in the midrange
    – Use the PRE/POST control to move the EQ to the input
    – EQ AUTO LISTEN automatically auditions an EQ band in-place when a related parameter is changed

  • Apple M1 Native Support: Guitarstrip is a universal binary, and features M1 Native support.
  • 24 dB/8ve HIGH-PASS FILTER at the input, for carving out unwanted low-frequencies and mud
  • ECO mode for reduced CPU use
  • Built-in help – simply click the ‘?’ and mouseover the GUI to find out more
  • Cross-platform preset management
  • Undo/redo
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