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SSL G3 MultiBusComp

SSL’s G3 MultiBusComp is a must-have tool for any audio professional looking to achieve the SSL sound in their mixes, delivering the classic SSL “glue” compression sound across 3 independently configurable frequency bands.

– The legendary SSL Bus Compressor goes Multi-band! –

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About The SSL G3 MultiBusComp

The G3 MultiBusComp, which leverages SSL’s storied legacy in compression technology, adds multi-band capabilities and advanced processing tools to the renowned G Series glue & punch maker.
SSL’s G3 MultiBusComp plug-in takes the original G-Series Bus Compressor and enhances it with multi-band technology, advanced processing, and powerful side-chain routing. It is a must-have production tool for producers and engineers looking to achieve the SSL sound in their mixes, delivering the classic SSL “glue” compression across three independently configurable frequency bands.
Whether it’s adding that final polish to a production, carving space in a mix with its powerful side-chain routing, or dialing in precise settings to rectify problematic recordings, G3 MultiBusComp is suitable for any genre and brings a new level of versatility to bus processing.

How Does The SSL G3 MultiBusComp Work?

With powerful side-chaining features, intuitive feedback and per-band harmonic drive options, SSL’s G3 MultiBusComp is the perfect solution for achieving polished and professional mixes and masters that has made SSL the industry standard for decades.
With 3 bands of classic SSL “glue” compression, the G3 MultiBusComp delivers the same unparalleled sonic characteristics that SSL is known for, now frequency-dependent.
By allowing you to automatically apply inverse changes between selected parameters, G3 MultiBusComp’s advanced parameter linking saves you time and effort.
With automatically gain-compensated per-band drive inspired by SSL’s ‘4K’ drive circuit, you can add character and warmth to specific frequencies all while maintaining full dynamic control.
The band graph view lets you set your threshold and frequency crossovers with ease, and the side-chaining and filtering options allow you to create custom side-chain filters that are unlinked from the band crossovers, accentuating or diminishing the response to certain frequencies using the per-band bell filter, or driving the dynamics from a different frequency band or external signal.
The G3 MultiBusComp’s auditioning features offer mutually exclusive soloing on each band and each band’s side-chain input, allowing you to hear each band in isolation and make informed decisions about your mix.
With a resizable GUI that can be adjusted from 50% to 200%, the G3 MultiBusComp provides a comfortable user experience that can be customized to your specific needs.

Why The SSL G3 MultiBusComp Is Such A Big Deal...

  • 3 bands of classic SSL “glue” compression.
  • Independently configurable bus compressors – threshold, make-up, ratio, attack and release.
  • Per-band external side-chaining.
  • Parameter linking quickly applies inverse changes to thresholds and make-up gains.
  • Band linking allows you to easily combine bands.
  • Per-band ‘4K’ drive harmonic control for adding warmth and character.
  • Per-band and overall wet/dry mix for ultimate parallel compression control.
  • Band graph view for intuitively setting threshold and frequency crossovers.
  • Customizable side-chain filters, including ability to unlink from the band crossovers.
  • Mutually exclusive solo’ing for each band and side-chain input.
  • S/C view allows you to easily customize side-chain filters, including the low-pass and high-pass filters.
  • Attenuate or diminish response to precise frequencies using the per-band side-chain bell filters.
  • HQ mode switches on oversampling for reduced aliasing in compression and drive sections and improved filter response.
  • Cross-platform preset management.
  • A/B for quickly switching between presets.
  • Undo/redo.
  • Built-in help – simply click the ‘?’ and mouseover the GUI to find out more.

Hear the SSL G3 MultiBusComp In Action

What People Are Saying About SSL G3 MultiBusComp

“The G3 has excellent potential of becoming my favorite multi-band compressor to use on almost every project.”

- Bozz Roq_it
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