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SSL Fusion Transformer

Add gentle low-frequency harmonic saturation and high-end sheen to your signals with SSL’s Fusion Transformer

The unique mojo of an analogue transformer in your DAW!

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About The SSL Fusion Transformer

SSL’s Fusion Transformer plug-in goes well beyond the original hardware version of the Fusion’s switchable SSL Transformer circuit.

Emulating the 600-ohm, 1:1-wound under-damped Transformer found in the critically acclaimed Fusion analogue coloration hardware, the Transformer offers a unique combination of high-frequency phase-shift, harmonic distortion and natural low-frequency roll-off.
With Transformer completing the Fusion plug-in family, users can now create a custom configuration of Fusion processors throughout their mix or master, using as many modules as needed — and in any order in the signal chain.

How Does The SSL Fusion Transformer Work?

The 600-ohm, 1:1-wound under-damped Transformer introduces low-end thickening and high-end sheen to your signals, giving it a subtle heft as a result of the LF saturation and frequency phase shift introduced by driving the circuit.
Use the new SHINE control to augment or remove the HF phase and EQ effects.
Turn up the new AMOUNT control to amplify the harmonic distortion.
Both controls can be used to amplify the harmonic distortion beyond the effects of the original hardware.
Blend with the original signal to dial in the perfect amount of Transformer mojo with the MIX control.
In addition to LF EXTEND, which bypasses the dynamic LF roll-off – that is, the natural low-end roll off that occurs as you drive the transformer circuit – for extra low-end ‘oomph’ and ECO mode for tracking and recording, the SSL Fusion Transformer plug-in also includes built-in help. Simply click the question mark ‘?’ symbol in the bottom-right hand corner and mouseover the GUI for context-aware guidance and information about the plug-in and its controls.

Why The SSL Fusion Transformer Is Such A Big Deal...

  • Modeled on the SSL Fusion Transformer circuit using a combination of real-life measurements, analogue circuit designs, and close collaboration with the original analogue designers of the SSL Fusion hardware – so you can use across your all your tracks and your mix and master buses.
  • Add analogue weight and authority to your signals.
  • SHINE lets you augment or remove the high-end sheen and delicate high-frequency phase shift introduced by the Transformer.
  • The AMOUNT parameter can be used amplify the harmonic distortion beyond the effects of the original hardware.
  • MIX control helps you to non-destructively dial in the perfect amount of processing.
  • Driving the circuit harder introduces a natural low-end roll off that increases with input level.
  • LF EXTEND switches out the low-frequency roll-off to preserve a weighty low-end.
  • ECO mode: Drop into ‘ECO’ mode for reduced latency and CPU-use, for tracking and recording purposes.
  • Built-in help: Simply click the ‘?’ symbol and mouseover the GUI for more information about each of the parameters.
  • Comes with presets from world-class producers and engineers Romesh Dodangoda, Sean Divine and Wez Clarke.
  • Built on the SSL Plug-in Engine:
    – SSL’s cross-platform preset management and A/B-ing system.
    – Built-in UNDO/REDO support.

What People Are Saying About The SSL Fusion Transformer

“A great addition to my plug-in arsenal.”

Alan Moulder (Royal Blood, Nine Inch Nails, The Killers)
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