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– De-Essing is no longer just for vocals! –

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About The SSL DeEss

Solid State Logic’s DeEss is a workflow-oriented correctional tool for classic precision sibilance reduction and high-frequency control.

Alongside workflow enhancements such as automatic auditioning and built-in brighten control for rejuvenating de-essed signals, DeEss uses a relative threshold algorithm: allowing you to change the input level of the signal without a destructive effect on the response of the de-esser. This also means that you can de-ess quiet sibilant events just as effectively as loud ones!

With DeEss, you can quickly target only the mid or side components of the signal, as well as toggling in automatic oversampling and lookahead options for a super-high-quality response. Not only this, but DeEss ships with carefully designed presets for different vocal types (Tenor, Alto, Soprano) and even instrument processing–de-essing is no longer just for vocals.

How Does The SSL DeEss Work?

SSL’s DeEss is a Relative threshold de-esser that allows you to make changes to level earlier in your FX chain, without destructing your carefully tailored de-esser response.
It helps you rejuvenate your de-essed signal when using the “Brighten” control to rejuvenate the high-end after de-essing
This plug-in lets you choose any mix between SPLIT and BROADBAND processing modes – the maximum gain reduction of each carefully tailored for de-essing that is effective and transparent, but not overdone – and switch out the filters independently to audition bandpass or shelf approaches.
Thanks to its Multi-shade waveform visualizer, you can see the de-esser kick in on both the quietest and loudest parts of the signal because of the relative threshold.
You can quickly target only the mid or side components of the signal and use AUTO LISTEN to automatically audition the signal when changing related controls.

Why The SSL DeEss Is Such A Big Deal...

  • Relative threshold de-esser.
  • Independently toggleable high and low-pass sidechain filters.
  • Sidechain FFT graph with draggable filter handles.
  • SPLIT mode: suppress only the defined frequency range when triggered.
  • BROADBAND mode: suppress the entire signal when triggered.
  • BLEND between SPLIT and BROADBAND modes.
  • Optionally target only the MID or SIDE signals.
  • Accentuate or reduce the intensity of the de-esser using the AMOUNT parameter.
  • Revitalise and rejuvenate de-essed signals using the BRIGHTEN control.
  • Switch in a LOOKAHEAD or use OVERSAMPLING to optionally increase responsiveness and accuracy of the de-essing algorithm.
  • Set the relative THRESHOLD and see its effects using the COMPRESSOR graph.
  • Multi-shade waveform visualizer shows three levels of shading – bright, medium and off – to indicate highly de-essed, slightly de-essed and untouched signals respectively, despite using a relative threshold!
  • Freeze and kill to build risers and drops.
  • Easily audition the sidechain filters or effected signal by clicking the “FILTERS” and “COMPRESSOR” labels.
  • Use AUTO LISTEN to automatically switch in the FILTER or COMPRESSOR audition when changing related parameters.
  • 3rd order Butterworth filters that are chosen to be sharp but allow for transparent de-essing.
  • Output metering with high-level and clipping warnings.
  • Instantaneous Gain Reduction meter.
  • Several carefully designed presets for each vocal type, as well as for instruments. De-essing isn’t just for sibilance!
  • Built-in help system.
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