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Sonic Studios NoNoise 3

Sonic Studio NoNoise 3

NoNoise 3 is a powerful hiss and hum remover plug-in that eliminates noise while leaving the underlying audio intact.

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This plug-in is available for Mac only

About Sonic Studio NoNoise 3

NoNOISE 3 is based on the Academy Award winning and legendary noise removal system that pioneered the digital audio restoration industry.  Used by professional engineers on millions of albums from Classical to Rock, archival and historical recordings, and by forensic scientists at worldwide law enforcement and clandestine surveillance agencies, NoNOISE 3 is now available for the first time as an Audio Units, VST, and AAX plug-in.


How Does The Sonic Studio NoNoise 3 Work?

Sonic Studios NoNoise 3

NoNOISE3 is an incredible tool for removing unwanted noise on audio tracks. NoNOISE has been recognized with Grammy®, Emmy® and Oscar® awards as well as the Mix Technology Hall Of Fame. NoNOISE is absolutely the most impressive and pristine digital audio restoration software available. It can eliminate room ambience from poorly mic’d recordings, clean up noisy tape hiss, eliminate excess noise from guitar amps, remove hum and rumble from pre-amps and other electronics, and much more. Everyone wants clean tracks, with as little extraneous noise as possible. NoNOISE3 makes eliminating that noise as easy as possible.

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What People Are Saying About
The Sonic Studio NoNoise 3

“…with the NoNoise we can tackle anything clients bring in”

- Thor Legvold [Sonovo Mastering]

“DeCrackle cleaned up noticeably more noise while maintaining sonic integrity…”

- Roger Seibel [SAE Mastering]

Why The Sonic Studio NoNoise 3 Is Such A Big Deal...

Sonic Studios NoNoise 3

NoNOISE 3 is perfect for:

  • Eliminating room ambience from poorly mic’d recordings
  • Cleaning up hissy tapes
  • Quieting noisy guitar amps
  • Removing the hum and rumble from pre-amps and other electronics

Renowned for its abilities

  • Effective – Eliminates unwanted noise while leaving the underlying audio intact
  • Easy to use – NoNOISE 3 is a 32/64-bit single-ended, broadband de-noiser
  • Flexible – highly effective with very few or no noticeable artifacts even at extreme user settings

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