Legendary Audio I.C.E.

Legendary Audio I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) is a De-esser, a frequency band specific Dynamic EQ, a frequency band specific Compressor, and a De-distortion plug-in. In short: An amazing “all-in-one” plug-in!

OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard & Later AU/VST/AAX for OS X and Windows VST

About Legendary Audio I.C.E.

Distortion, especially of the digital type, is a huge problem in audio today. It is very easy to get a “warm” microphone, a “warm” preamp, plug-in, mixing console, and other software.

“Warm” translates to generally “good” distortion (like cholesterol, there is good and bad distortion), but by the time the audio gets to the mixing or mastering stage, it is too warm (too much distortion) and it needs some I.C.E. (I.C.E is cool).

Sonic Studio’s Legendary Audio I.C.E. can counter the distortion and clean it up by reducing or eliminating the distortion AFTER it has already been recorded and processed.

This is just one of the important uses of I.C.E.

How Does I.C.E. Work?

In the right hands and ears, I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) can correct all of the above in a few seconds (or minutes for the complicated issues) with zero latency, no artifacts, and transparent sound.

These are actual recent problems / requests from Billy Stull’s Mastering clients. He was only working with 2 track stereo Masters (not individual tracks). Not just for distortion and Mastering, I.C.E. on individual multitracks cleans up and “sculpts” to your heart’s / Audio’s content.

Billy Stull has 50 years in the business – worked with Rupert Neve, Norman Petty, Warner Bros., Andy Johns, etc. and has recorded/mixed/mastered thousands of projects and has been Mastering for 20 years. He’s taught Mastering since 2006. Using his experience, he has innovated this plug-in collaboration with Sonic Studio to help share these tools with the mastering community.

Hear I.C.E. In Action

What People Are Saying About I.C.E.

“[Legendary I.C.E.] We tried it, we loved it, we bought it!!”

Tom Biener, Chase Audio By Deluxe

Why Legendary Audio I.C.E. Is Such A Big Deal

If you never have any problems with your Audio Projects, I.C.E. may not be for you. But in reality, there are always technical problems that range from subtle to critical and even some that are potentially fatal to the project. They might include:

  • “Bad” distortion
  • “Hot spots”
  • Over modulation
  • Sibilance
  • Resonant bass frequencies
  • Overload
  • Digital harshness
  • Intermittent vocal distortion
  • Out-of-control cymbals
  • A generally unpleasant overall tone
  • Other offending audio elements

I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) will help you attack attack the aforementioned list of common audio problems by

  • Removing or reducing distortion in recordings
  • Cleaning up audio problems including overload, distorted instruments and vocals
  • Eliminating harshness, imbedded distortion, and other recorded audio flaws


OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard & Later AU/VST/AAX for OS X and Windows VST