Softube Vintage Amp Room

Softube Vintage Amp Room

Softube Vintage Amp Room emulates three great and classic guitar amps in a complete studio set-up with speaker cabinets and fully flexible microphone positioning.

About Softube Vintage Amp Room

Vintage Amp Room models three classic guitar amps, with speaker cabinet options and fully flexible microphone positioning. Great for live performances and recording, as well as re-amping and last-minute tweaking.

The three guitar amplifiers we simulated in Vintage Amp Room are timeless classics that have their place in the history of guitar-based music.

The amps are simulated in a true studio environment with fully flexible click-and-drag microphone positioning, to simulate not only the sound of the guitar amps but the entire studio workflow.

Softube Vintage Amp Room

How Does Softube Vintage Amp Room Work?

.There are no added gadgets or weird-sounding presets sometimes found in amp simulation software. Because only you know exactly what sound you want.  Here are the 3 amazing amp models…

White  – Based on an all-round great amp for classic, distorted rock n’ roll sounds. It’s stripped down to the bare essentials – all tubes, only one channel, and no reverb or any other built-in effects.  Perfect when you need a characteristically distorted edge and a powerful roar.

Brown – One of the most versatile amplifiers in music history. It’s been used in all kinds of genres, and for all kinds of instruments.  Brown can produce anything from the clearest country-style sound for steel guitars to a dirty, bluesy guitar noise. Versatility embodied, it can do more or less whatever you want it to.

Green – Packed with character and produces a pleasant guitar sound with warm yet intense power amp distortion. Its edginess makes it shine through in mixes, without drowning out other instruments.  Green is based on an adaptable three-channel amp model. The original amp has been widely used during the last forty years, from classic pop recordings in the 60’s, through to today’s more indie and alternative rock artists.

Softube Vintage Amp Room
What People Are Saying...

“These days, guitars are often delivered with inadequate drive for the nature of the part. My first choice for fixing that sort of problem is Vintage Amp Room, Metal Amp Room and Bass Amp Room. All of which distort great and give me a plethora of options and flexibility in terms of tone”

Mixerman/Eric Sarafin [Mixer and author]

“It’s a miracle that we can have these amplifiers in our laptops”.

Gareth Jones [English Producer and engineer, Depeche Mode, Einstürzende Neubauten and Erasure]


Why Softube Vintage Amp Room Is Such A Big Deal

Softube Vintage Amp Room

With emulations of 3 of music history’s most tried-and-true amplifiers and their multiple cabinet and mic placement variations, you will get exactly the sound you’re looking for.  

  • Three great-sounding vintage amp models
  • Raw & authentic sound
  • Real studio workflow
  • Flexible & continuous click-and-drag mic positioning
  • Fully automatable parameters
  • 3-D rendered photo-realistic user interface
  • Compatible with all effects that work with real amps

Compose. Mix. Produce.

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