Softube Tube Delay

Softube Tube Delay

Softube Tube Delay is a powerful echo effect that helps you create anything from realistic room echoes to rockabilly style slap backs—or take it all the way into dub reggae echo madness.

About Softube Tube Delay

A tasty echo effect that can go from clean to rude by overdriving its three modeled tube stages. Create anything on the delay spectrum from accurate room echoes to vintage slap backs.

Softube Tube Delay

How Does Softube Tube Delay Work?

A slightly dark and distorted delay has a way of giving a great sense of space and size to a mix without really drawing attention to itself. That’s what makes Tube Delay so interesting and useful.  

The controls are quite self-explanatory, but it’s the sound that really sets it apart from any other delays. The drive knobs add a wonderfully dirty distortion and the tone controls are just sweet.

There are actually three different tube stages in this model, each adding to the total sound. The tone controls are passive and add further to the distortion. Turn up the feedback while running, and you’ll have the authentic dub echo madness.  

There is also the possibility of tempo syncing the delay to your song, which is extremely useful.  

Softube Tube Delay
What People Are Saying...

“In action, the [Tube Delay] produces a very usable and musically solid sound, […] The delay also sounds very ‘real’ when used in conjunction with the Spring Reverb plug-in. Even when you set the feedback control right on the edge of building up into feedback, the background mush created by the recirculating delays sounds exactly right”

Paul White [Chief Editor of Sound on Sound Magazine]

“Tube Delay is a unique delay that basically goes from warmth to brutal with the help of drive and feedback knobs. It’s design makes it interesting for use even practically without any delay at all, just to add some grit to the signal”

Pro Tooler [Magazine]


Why Softube Tube Delay Is Such A Big Deal

Softube Tube Delay
  • 1-1000 ms delay
  • Sync tempo to host
  • Vintage style passive EQ
  • Gritty feedback feature
  • Tube preamp simulation

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