Softube Trident A-Range

Softube Trident A-Range

The Trident A-Range equalizer plug-in models a legendary piece of equipment, one that remains a holy grail for sound engineers and producers around the world.

About Softube Trident A-Range

Only thirteen A-Range consoles were ever made, and have been used to create some of the most legendary records of all time, but such greats as  David Bowie, Queen, Elton John, and more.  And this plugin captures all of the essence of its analog predecessor.  

It is a very exact model of channel 15 of the Trident A-Range at Sweet Silence Studio ‘B’ in Denmark.

Softube Trident A-Range

How Does Softube Trident A-Range Work?

The Trident A-Range is a tremendously nice sounding and highly characteristic equalizer. Its four frequency bands also have a way of integrating in sometimes rather unpredictable ways. More often than not you will find that the equalizer ends up giving you something even better than you may have expected, similar to the happy accidents that can happen with analog gear.  

The A-Range channel features four bands of equalization plus high and low pass filters. Driving the console hot can get it to distort with a hairy and effective saturation that is just right in some situations, and completely wrong in others.  A separate Saturation control allows you to turn it down for clean (and less CPU draw), and up for the sound of a Trident A-Range hard at work.

Softube Trident A-Range
What People Are Saying...

“I am pleased to say that this is an incredibly accurate software recreation of my original A-Range design”

Professor Malcolm Toft [Original designer of the A-Range console at Trident Audio Developments]

“When I tried the Softube Trident A-Range equalizer plug-in for the first time, a big smile came upon my face. It was just like getting my desk back again. It sounds exactly as I’m used to hearing the EQ”

Flemming Rasmussen [Producer/Mixer/Engineer, Metallica, Richie Blackmore, Morbid Angel, Blind Guardian etc]


Why Softube Trident A-Range Is Such A Big Deal

Softube Trident A-Range
  • EQ with a will of its own
  • Created together with original designer Professor Malcolm Toft
  • Each and every component carefully modeled
  • Saturation control
  • Very CPU friendly