Softube Tape

Softube Tape

Time to get reel! Softube’s Tape plug-in adds cohesion and weight to your mixes. But Tape goes far beyond your average tape machine emulation. It includes three distinctly different tape machine types.

About Softube Tape

Pro studios often run their digital mixes through a generation of analog tape machines to enhance their weight and cohesion. Now, thanks to Softube Tape, you can too. Old-school engineers will tell you – no two tape deck sound alike. That’s why this excellent plug-in includes emulations of three different machines.

Add a single instance of Tape on your master bus to emulate what most computer based studios do today – mix in the computer, them mix down to a stereo tape machine – or go vintage style by adding Tape to every single track in your mix. Yes, your computer will be able to handle it. Like most of Softube’s plug-ins, Tape is extremely light on your computer’s processor.

If you run Presonus Studio One, you can not only use Tape as a standard plug-in but adding Tape to your MixFX slot gives you Tape Multitrack. Tape Multitrack includes all the goodies of Tape, but in addition, you get selectable crosstalk between each individual track – and you can easily control the Tape Multitrack settings from a single interface.


How Does Softube Tape Work?

Tape includes three different tape machine types in one plug-in. Type A is based on a classic Swiss high end reel-to-reel machine, known and loved for its precision and linearity. Type B is much more colorful – it’s a transformer based machine which adds extra weight and cream to the low end. Lastly, Type C is based on a British tape machine with a distinct vintage vibe.

Select your favorite tape machine Type, and adjust the Amount knob to tase. In most cases, that’s all you need to do to soak your tracks in analog tape sweetness. Easier still, load up one of the included presets, made by award winning engineers such as Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, U2, Strokes) and Howard Willing (Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl Crow, Kris Kristofferson).

Feeling tweaky? Why not start by trying the different tape speeds settings – you’ll find that the slower the tape speed, the more pronounced is the so-called tape head bump, which adds low end to the mix. Or open the Remote Control panel where you can control the selected tape machine’s speed stability, crosstalk amount and several other tape-a-liscious features.

Softube Tape
What People Are Saying...

“I love the Softube Tape plug-in. It’s great for just adding a touch of analog tape simulation to a final mix, but more impressively it’s great for adding character to vocals and guitars. It provides instant glue for harsh or overly transient sounds in a mix.”

Joe Chiccarelli [Mixer/Engineer/Producer for Beck, U2, The Strokes, Elton John, etc.]

“Tape sounds FANTASTIC. I like Type A and C best. Overall, the sound is outstanding!!!”.

BT aka Brian Transeau [American Music Producer/Composer/Technologist/Audio Technician]


Why Softube Tape Is Such A Big Deal

Softube Tape
  • Realistic analog tape sound
  • Three tape machine types included
  • Easy to use
  • Low CPU usage
  • Includes Tape
    Multitrack which can be used in the MixFX slot of Presonus Studio One –
    adding individual channel crosstalk and a single interface control of all

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