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Softube Statement Lead

Statement Lead is the polyphonic synth for contemporary lead sounds that’s perfect for music production and songwriting that features phenomenal sound quality and analog feel from careful recordings of rare, expensive hardware synths and unrivaled Softube effects.

Write a hit. Make a statement!

Mac OS X 10.12 or newer / Windows 64-bit, versions 7, 8 or 10

About Softube Statement Lead

Statement is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly polyphonic synth designed with the contemporary producer and songwriter in mind.
With carefully recorded and processed sound sources from rare and expensive synths, built-in effects of the highest quality, and modules for our endlessly expandable Eurorack modular synth Modular, Statement Lead inspires you to make a statement.
This is the lead synth you need to create hit songs that sound polished and finished with no complications along the way.

How Does Softube Statement Lead Work?

Statement Lead’s sound sources include 90 waveforms in 11 different categories.
Each sound is built up by a mix of one or two of these waveforms. You can also opt to add a dirt layer of looped material such as TV Screen, Taped Storm, and Robotic Noise or transient material such as Plastic Attack and Metal Attack from the Analog Dirt section for some added grit and a richer or dirtier sound.
The dirt can be mixed with the other sound sources and sent to the filter or sent dry to the output section.
The Filter section with built-in Modulation Sequencer consists of an analog- sounding low-pass filter with three slope types, 6, 12, and 24 dB/octave. You can adjust cutoff frequency, feedback, envelope type and timing, and how much the envelope will affect the cutoff frequency.
The sequencer is always running with its tempo synchronized to the DAW clock, so you’ll always get a rhythmic change in time with your music. The loop length of the sequencer can be set from 1 (no loop) to 16 (all of the available 16 steps), and these steps can be set to levels or as distinctive on/off triggers to affect filter cutoff or output volume, either stepped or slewed.

What People Are Saying about Softube Statement Lead...

“After my first collaboration with Softube at Monoment Bass, I had a lot of fun again with our second joint project Statement Lead. Once again I made full use of my studio, recording rare vintage (Synclavier, Four Voice, Deckard’s Dream etc.) and modern (Schmidt synth & modular stuff) hardware and software synths – but not raw and dry, but already with several processing steps to get to the waveform sound you can hear in Statement Lead. I think the result is great, many unique features like the great filter and the little sequencer make Statement Lead a fantastic lead synth for many use cases.”

Tobias Menguser - Sound designer and rare synth collector

Why Softube Statement Lead Is Such A Big Deal

  • A 5-octave polyphonic synth designed for lead sounds with an organic, analog feel
  • Amazing sound quality from careful recordings of rare, expensive hardware synths
  • ​High-quality effects built right into the plug-in
  • The perfect songwriting tool for EDM, drum and bass, house, and more, with an intuitive user interface and 150+ carefully designed presets
  • The lead sounds counterpart to Monoment Bass, with the same type of interface and similar features.
  • The 90 sound sources can be used two at a time with smart, modern tools that make it easy to dial in the foundation of the sound
  • Includes three modules for Softube Modular: Source, Filter, and FX.
  • ​Advanced Auto Glide for creating organic-sounding analog sounds
  • Analog Dirt feature: adds grit for a richer or dirtier sound
  • Aging feature for less stable pitch, more unpredictable attacks, and even more dirt and grit

Compose. Mix. Produce.

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