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Softube Spring Reverb

Spring Reverb is an authentic spring reverb recreation that will add vintage character and grit to any audio track.

Mac OS X 10.12 or newer / Windows 64-bit, versions 7, 8 or 10

About Softube Spring Reverb

A spring reverb is built into a lot of classic guitar amplifiers and is consequently often used for guitars. But you wouldn’t do it justice to think a reverb of this type was limited to guitars only. It can add a lot of personality and character to a vocal track, a snare drum, percussion, an electric organ or just about anything. It’s very much a sound of its own and it will help set your mix apart from the rest.

How Does Softube Spring Reverb Work?

We included a few settings so you can choose which spring reverb character you’re after. The number of springs and their tension highly affects the sound and feel, so it’s up to you to determine what your track needs. There are also tube-driven Bass and Treble controls to further affect the sound.

Ever dropped your plugged in amp by mistake? If you want that explosive boom you’ll get from shaking a true spring reverb (making the springs bounce and slam into each other), you can have that too (without smacking your computer).

What People Are Saying...

I use Spring Reverb all the time. Spring Reverb is the only reverb I used on my Adele mixes.

Andrew Scheps (Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2)

I love the Spring Reverb, which is perfectly trashy, just like the real thing. Frankly, I think it’s the most realistic spring reverb out there.

Eric Sarafin a.k.a. Mixerman (Mixer and author)

Why Softube Spring Reverb Is Such A Big Deal

  • Personality and character for your mix.
  • Tension control to shape the spring character and reverb length.
  • Number of spring pairs continuously adjustable from 1 to 3.
  • Tube driver simulation with Bass and Treble in the reverb section.
  • Shake control that shakes the springs around.
  • Can be used both as a send and an insert effec.

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