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Softube Passive-Active Pack

An analog-style EQ toolbox, with three very different and unique equalizers​

Mac OS X 10.12 or newer / Windows 64-bit, versions 7, 8 or 10

About Softube Passive-Active Pack

The Passive-Active Pack is a collection of three very different equalizers, each with its own character and quirks. Together they make an excellent secret-weapon analog-style EQ toolbox.

The Passive and Active equalizers emulate real workhorse units, used on thousands of recordings from past to present. The Focusing Equalizer, an original creation of Softube’s, combines these with analog saturation and a novel workflow, to give you musical results, and a wonderful sound every time.

How Does Softube Passive-Active Pack Work?

Passive Equalizer

Modeled from a famous German passive three-band equalizer, the Passive Equalizer features a wide bandwidth and an unsurpassed clear and open sound. The low boost gives you a warm low end, perfect to fatten up a bass drum or bass guitar track. Cutting the highs gives you a very gentle 6 dB cut which allows you to remove highs in a very musical way. The high boost is open and crisp and breathes life into any track.

Active Equalizer

This plug-in is modeled from an active equalizer design made somewhere in the Swiss alps in the ’70s. Whereas the Passive Equalizer is wide, clear and unintrusive, the Active Equalizer is more of a surgeon with a tight and focused sound. It’s a highly useful problem solver when you need to get into details.

Focusing Equalizer

An inspiring and non-traditional take on the EQ concept. Working in a very musical way and doing a lot of thinking for you, the Focusing Equalizer is an original design by Softube.

At first glance it may seem you’re sacrificing versatility — why use a three-band EQ when modern digital options have unlimited bands, continuous gain, selectable Q etc.? Well, equalization is sound design, and having the designer make some choices for you is like getting an experienced sound engineer on your team.

What People Are Saying...

Overall, the Passive-Active Pack is a great piece of work from Softube, designed with vision but also with full regard for the sound of some pretty rare kit. What’s more, the price tag is considerably more modest than comparable top-flight analogue emulations.

Computer (Music Magazine)

Why Softube Passive-Active Pack Is Such A Big Deal

  • Three bands with an extremely wide and open sound
  • Excellent treble control without any ‘digital harshness’
  • ​Warm low end and a sparkling top.
  • Low and High cut filters
  • Select between a narrow or wide Q setting for each band
  • Authentic component modeling

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