Softube Heartbeat

Softube Heartbeat

Heartbeat is the drum synth of your dreams, combining old-school modeled analog synthesis with forward-thinking features and flexibility.

About Softube Heartbeat

Flexible and tweakable, Heartbeat is your source for familiar, yet unique, drum machine sounds.  The modeled analog sound engine, the Auto Layer Machine and the included top-of-the-line effects turns this plug-in into a killer package for your beats.

Softube Heartbeat

How Does Softube Heartbeat Work?

While Heartbeat draws inspiration from the best analog drum synths from the 1980s, it does not emulate any existing drum machine.

The sound mostly originates from Softube’s own modeled analog synthesis, which has been augmented with carefully selected waveforms.  

The core consists of the eight instrument channels, two different bass drum channels, and two dedicated snare drum channels. Each of the eight channels has a dedicated mixer channel with controls for volume, pan, ping-pong (auto panning), EQ (adapted specifically for each instrument) and send levels to the reverb and delay effects.  

The percussion channels are identical and can be used to model anything from 80s style synthetic toms to cowbells and noise drops. Heartbeat includes a fully featured effects section with adapted versions of our beloved model Valley People Dyna-mite and  TSAR-1 Reverb.

Softube Heartbeat
What People Are Saying...

“I’ve been programming drums since way back with every drum machine that was on the market: Linn Drum, Roland 909, 808, Sp12 and others. None of them can do what this machine does – period!”

Ron Harris [Producer (Christina Aguilera]

“What I particularly like is that Heartbeat is simple, no frills, no unnecessary showing off. There is just this big sound and the right ingredients to be able to focus on creating”

Alan Braxe [One of the pioneers behind the "French Touch" in electronic music. Worked with Daft Punk, Björk, Justice, Britney Spears and Beyoncé]


Why Softube Heartbeat Is Such A Big Deal

Softube Heartbeat
  • Eight channels of drum sounds, mostly based on modeled analog synthesis
  • Mixer with volume, EQ, effect sends and panning for each channel
  • Four channel Auto Layer Machine for layering sounds or triggering beat patterns
  • Chaos slider adds randomness to the behavior of Auto Layer Machine
  • Adapted versions of TSAR-1 Reverb and Valley People Dyna-mite included, as well as Filter Echo and output saturation
  • Use Heartbeat’s instrument and EQ modules in Modular (this applies only to these components, not TSAR-1 and Dyna-mite).
  • No iLok USB dongle required.

Compose. Mix. Produce.

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