Slate Digital FG-73

Slate Digital Virtual Preamp Collection

The VIRTUAL PREAMP COLLECTION brings the authentic tone of two of the audio industry’s most classic microphone preamplifiers to your DAW.

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Introducing The Virtual Preamp Collection

Each meticulous emulated preamp uses state-of-the-art analog modeling technology to recreate every aspect of the preamp circuit, from mild coloration to full-on saturation and distortion. The VPC was originally designed to be used on tracks recorded with the Virtual Microphone System’s VMS-ONE Ultra Linear Microphone Preamp, but it can be used after any clean sounding preamp to add extra vibe.

Slate Digital FG-76

How Does The Virtual Preamp Collection Work?

Slate Digital FG-73

The Virtual Preamp Collection adds real analog preamp tone to any track or mix, and can even create rich-sounding distortion effects when pushed hard. Both the FG-73 and the FG-76 emulations are based on two of the most classic analog preamps ever built. From adding subtle character to creating incredible saturation, these preamp circuits add an authentic analog preamp feel to anything you use them on.


Slate Digital FG-73
  • Exact emulations of 2 of the most iconic mic preamps ever made
  • FG-73 is modeled on a legendary English console preamp
  • FG-76 is modeled after a favorite vintage tube preamp
  • Offers a wide range of sonic character from subtle to extreme
  • Virtual Drive makes gain staging practically foolproof
Slate CTA FG Stress

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