Slate Digital FG-A

The FG-A Vintage American Equalizer recreates the exact tone of one of the industry’s most coveted discrete EQs.

With its classic proportional q curves and fat saturation, it’s sure to become one of your go-to EQs for any track that needs sweetening.

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Introducing The Slate Digital FG-A

Slate Digital is pleased to announce the immediate release of the FG-A, a precise recreation of one of the most famous analog equalizers in audio history.

Their development team took great care to recreate every single nuance of the hardware’s unique topology including its proportional curves and its very complex nonlinear behavior which is selectable via the “opamp” button.


How Does The Slate Digital FG-A Work?


The “opamp” button adds the discrete opamp and transformer emulations. Just like with the hardware, the analog color in this EQ occurs before AND after the EQ filters, and even in between two consecutive bands. Furthermore, the nonlinear coloration is dynamically dependent on the settings, which is something that Slate’s engineers found in the hardware but not in any other emulation of the hardware.

Therefore, pros will likely hear something unique about the FG-A, even if they have similar plugins from other developers.

Slate Digital FG-A Overview

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