Slate Digital Custom Series Lift

Slate Digital Custom Series Bundle

Custom Series Bundle gives you two powerful audio processors for your Virtual Mix Rack, the Custom Series EQ and Custom Series Lift.

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Introducing The Custom Series Bundle

The Custom EQ, is like an EQ All-Star team. Over a dozen classic analog equalizers were studied to identify the best attributes of each one. All of these attributes were then put into a single equalizer plugin. As a result, every band of the Custom EQ is inspired by a different original device, with a unique boost and attenuation design. Each band also has its own analog-modeled output section, with rich musical harmonics to give it a lively analog vibe. Overall, the Custom Series EQ is one of the most natural-sounding equalizers you’ll hear.

Slate Digital Custom Series EQ

How Does The Custom Series Bundle Work?

Slate Digital Custom Series Lift

Custom Series EQ – Inspired by the sound and design of a different classic analog equalizer, and unlike the real devices, each band has its own circuit topology and behaves differently when boosting or cutting. The result is an equalizer that can do amazing things. It can add air to dull tracks, bring down brittle harshness in a vocal without losing clarity, and add low-end girth by adding 100 Hz without getting tubby.

Custom Series Lift – A boost-only parallel filter based upon passive designs, and it can add real life and girth to your tracks. High Lift allows the top end to be opened up in a natural way, adding air and space to the resulting sound. The Present and Silky buttons finely tune the shape of the high frequencies without ever getting harsh or strident. Low Lift injects natural bass energy to bass guitars and kick drums. The Big and Punchy buttons shape the transient and low frequency information in two distinct ways. Adjust these parameters to taste.


Slate Digital Custom Series Lift
  • 2-module bundle for Virtual Mix Rack
  • One of the most natural-sounding EQs you’ll ever hear
  • Custom Series EQ features include 4 analog-modeled EQ bands, Hi and Low pass filters, unique circuit topologies for each band, and each band optimized for natural-sounding boosting and cutting.
  • Custom Series Lift features include 4 analog-modeled parallel EQ networks, a boost-only parallel filter, High Lift to add air and space, Low Lift to inject natural bass energy, and Big and Punchy buttons to shape the transient and low-frequency information.
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