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Relab Sonsig Rev-A

Are you tired of endless tweaking to find that perfect space to place your sound? You want your sound to sit in a mix perfectly?

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About The Relab Sonsig Rev-A

Sonsig Rev-A’s vivid, stompbox-style user interface lays out all of the reverb’s features logically.

Sonsig Rev-A allows anyone to easily and quickly get a specific sound effortlessly! There are no hidden settings or menu diving necessary. All of the available parameters’ current settings are visible right in front of you, which results in an intuitive workflow with quicker and better adjustments.

Sonsig Rev-A v1

How Does The Relab Sonsig Rev-A Work?

Sonsig in DAW

In development of this reverb processor, Relab experts fine tuned their latest algorithms. It was a tedious process, but end result is nothing short of amazing. Quality that you have yet to experience, sounds that place you within real and unreal spaces with a new level of lucidity, and sounds that redefine the meaning of “lush reverb”.

Sonsig Presets

Why The Relab Sonsig Rev-A Is Such A Big Deal...

  • Combining the strengths of various high-end units, like 224XL, QRS etc., modulated by a complete Solina ensemble, results in one of the most complex hybrid structure ever developed.
  • Dial in small rooms, lushes halls and realistic ambiences with uncompromising and unparalleled sound quality.
  • Quickly tweak and sculpt your own sound in seconds with ease.
  • Mix with over 200 of the best collection of golden ears presets.

Professional reverb sound is closer than you think

Get the Relab Sonsig Rev-A now as part of the Relab Reverb Suite