NUGEN Audio Visualizer

NUGEN Audio Visualizer

NUGEN Audio Visualizer gives you indispensable audio analysis for quality audio production, through a unique, intelligent window system.

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NUGEN Audio Visualizer

Visualizer gives you indispensable audio analysis for quality audio production, through a unique, intelligent window system.  

Visualizer makes it possible to view several graphical representations of your mix in a single window, automatically resizing and aligning windows to maximise legibility and cross-referencing information across screens, and gives you complete control to work within each individual display.

It drastically speeds up your mixing process by allowing you visually diagnose any mix problems through a variety of spectrum analysis tools, to alter frequencies, erase peaks, take A/B snapshots to compare changes, etc…

Visualizer is an indispensable and time-saving audio analysis tool for any engineer.

NUGEN Audio Visualizer
NUGEN Audio Visualizer
How Does The NUGEN Audio Visualizer Work?

There are so many factors to consider when mixing a project.  Not only do you have to consider the sound of individual elements, you also need to focus on their place in the stereo field, their different EQ frequencies and how they interact with each other, etc…  

And sometimes listening is not enough, especially after a long mixing day.  You may sense that something is not working, but your ears can only do so much.  

Visualizer allows you to “see” different variables of your mix, so you can tweak certain elements by sight.  

And thanks to the unique intelligent window facility, you can layer multiple displays together, and the interface remains completely legible.  So you can easily focus on different windows, and analyze every facet of your mix.

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What People Are Saying About
NUGEN Audio Visualizer

“I can’t approach any mixing and/or mastering session without it! It’s perfect during the recording as well. With Visualizer each detail of the mix is under my eyes and I can discover things that my ears, sometime, cannot, especially when the audio material is really complex. “

– Mistheria [Bruce Dickinson, Bob Rock]

“Probably the best Spectrum Analyzer I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a few!”

– Kenny Higgins [Martha Reeves, Corrine Bailey-Rae]
NUGEN Audio Visualizer
Why The NUGEN Audio Visualizer Is
Such A Big Deal...

Here’s what makes Visualizer so useful :

  • Rapid workflow and easily diagnosable graphic information allows you measure different parameters more effectively
  • Multiple level meters include Peak, RMS, K12, K14, K20, and more
  • 9 different tools for thorough spectrum analysis: spectrogram, vectorscope, stereoscope, stereo bias meter, correlation meter, and more.
  • Fully customizable “intelligent window” display lets you present your mix information exactly how you want, and keep your display organized
  • A/B snapshot feature allows you to compare changes in order to repeat past successes, and minimize mistakes

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