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NUGEN Audio Sigmod

NUGEN Audio SigMod is an amazingly flexible, modular, signal modification utility, designed to allow a user to quickly correct, tweak or convert an audio signal for a wide variety of purposes.

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About The
NUGEN Audio Sigmod

The best way to understand the Nugen SigMod is to think of it as steroids for your DAW. It can expand the capabilities of your current plugins by either adding increased functionality, or making certain processes easier too access. Certain features include adding missing master and channel strip features to a DAW, signal monitoring & routing, mid/side conversion and output level protection. Each process is available as a single module. However, multiple modules may be combined in any order to design the precise effect required. With the SigMod plugin, the only limit to your DAW is your imagination.

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How Does The NUGEN Audio SigMod Work?
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The Nugen SigMod allows you to instantly enhance the functionality of your plugins and DAW with 11 different signal modification units, making it quick and easy to add missing features and expand your creative possibilities. The resizing interface adapts automatically to the current configuration and numerous example presets are supplied to illustrate typical practical applications. Each module can easily be inserted, swapped and moved around making new options to correct, convert or tweak your audio. It is perfectly suited to handle many quick-fix tasks, while enhancing or overcoming certain DAW limitations.

The SigMod is also incredibly customizable, containing a host of useful and creative functions which can sometimes be difficult to engage. You can combine any of 11 single-process modules, in any order, to design the precise routing you need, all while keeping the signal flow and functionality clear at all times, thanks to the intuitively designed auto-resizing interface. With SigMod’s creative signal routing – particularly the Mid/side, Tap and Crossover modules – the possibilities are virtually endless, not to mention easy and tweakable.

What People Are Saying About
NUGEN Audio Sigmod

“SigMod) can get really interesting when you start using these modules in combination to set-up particular processing chains.”

– Julian Rodgers [ProductionExpert.com]

“A utility that is simple and easy that helps sort out some basic issues, (SigMod) is a correction time saver.”

– Peter McCabe [Paul McCartney, Ricky Martin, Kiss]
Why Is The NUGEN Audio SigMod Such A Big Deal...
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  • Add mid/side functionality to a classic stereo compressor or EQ emulations, or get creative with mid/side delays, distortion and many other effects by inserting the mid/side encoder/decoder either side of any left/right plug-in instance.
  • Protect your speakers, ears & sanity by adding the Protect unit across your output bus. This safety module will automatically cut in to prevent bursts of noise or feedback howls due to system errors, saving both your nerves and your speakers. Manual or auto reset options give you the level of protection you need, especially when working with headphones.
  • Try some parallel processing by dropping in the Tap module, or use the Crossover module to split the highs from the lows to apply different effects to different frequency ranges. Great for avoiding muddying up the low frequencies or getting creative with automation and sweep effects.
  • Gain access to functionality which is either missing from certain DAWs, or at least complicated to access natively. Solo/mute or trim the left and right sides of a stereo signal independently, or easily flip the stereo image in one click. Quickly detect and correct DC offset to retain valuable headroom.
  • Use the Mono module to switch your signal from stereo to mono, in just one click. Or use the Phase module to check the phase relationship between your left and right channels.
  • Quickly audition your go-to the emulator in mid-side mode, or split your vocals into 6 different frequency bands and send each of them to a different compressor. The creative possibilities are endless.

The full list of modules include: Mid/side, Protect, Mono, Switch, Delay, Phase, Trim, DC offset, Tap, Crossover, and Mute/solo.

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