NUGEN Audio ISL 2ST Mastering Limiter

NUGEN Audio ISL 2st Mastering Limiter

ISL 2st is a transparent look-ahead brick-wall limiter designed to eliminate uncertainty when preparing your mono & stereo mixes for various streaming platforms.  

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NUGEN Audio ISL 2st Mastering Limiter

With the assurance of True-Peak compliance at all times, ISL 2st is a “set and forget” tool.  

It is a powerful, transparent limiting plugin that you can count on.

Unique Steering and Ducking meters guide you to perfect settings.  ISL2st gives you the information and control you need to address issues with directional integrity, atmospheric ambience, and more, thanks to its powerful processing and visualizations.

NUGEN Audio ISL 2ST Mastering Limiter
NUGEN Audio ISL 2ST Mastering Limiter

True-peak limiting is used to ensure that down-stream codecs such as mp3 and AAC do not introduce distortion into the signal.  No need to second guess your sample-peak limiter time and again, or deliberately increase headroom to avoid a downstream problem.

Just dial in your true-peak limit and let ISL take care of the rest.  It uses standardized true-peak algorithms and related standards (including Apple ‘afclip’ true-peak detection) to ensure that you won’t have any surprises when prepping your recordings for different levels of compression used by online distribution services.


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NUGEN Audio ISL 2st Mastering Limiter

“We use NUGEN Audio tools in every mix session across the board. They are fantastic to use and completely do the job.”

– Daniel Jones [Managing director, Vaudeville Post]

“Great to have the ISL 2.  I use it on every mix.”

– Georg Egloff [Film and tv composer]
NUGEN Audio ISL 2ST Mastering Limiter
Why The NUGEN Audio ISL 2st Mastering Limiter Is
Such A Big Deal...

Here’s what makes ISL 2st so vital for any project that will be mastered for different audio platforms….

  • Transparent look-ahead limiting that makes true-peak compliance easy
  • Great for post-production and broadcast applications
  • Includes Apple’s “Mastered for iTunes” feature
  • Protects against downstream compression caused by certain codecs
  • Clear metering and multiple diagnostic listen modes make dialing in your liming easy
  • Great for preserving quality for streaming and podcasts
  • Compatible with AAX, VST, AU, and others

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