McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor

McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor

McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor is an Emmy award-winning multi-frequency compressor and de-esser that gives any spoken recordings the extra punch and clarity needed to bring the dialog directly into focus…where it belongs.

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Give Your Dialog An Emmy Award-Winning Edge

Introducing The McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor

McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor

Dialog. It is the focal point of any movie, television show, documentary, video game or, for that matter, any creative media production involving the spoken word. Regardless of the “eye candy” on screen, your dialog is what tells the story, and thus conveys that story’s emotional tone to the audience. After all, if you can’t hear what the actors are saying, why watch something at all?

However, once you throw in a sweeping musical score and dozens of foley effects, it can be very easy to lose your dialog in the mix. This is where McDSP’s SA-2 can make ALL the difference.

Now You Can...

  • Smooth Out Harsh Spikes

    Smooth out harsh spikes that often occur when trying to improve intelligibility by adding brightness

  • Eliminate Sibilance Smoothly

    Eliminate excess sibilance smoothly and evenly on both vocals and recorded dialog

  • Gain Unlimited Control Of Your Mix

    Precisely adjust the timbre of any voiced recording to give it focus in a mix

  • Ensure Your Dialog Cuts Through

    Ensure through speech-specific compression that your dialog cuts through any mix, clearly and consistently

  • Speed Up Your Workflow

    Speed up your workflow with carefully designed presets

  • Use State-Of-The-Art Features

    Get 5 bands of strategic active equalization, configured in a variety of modes to best address common issues of dialog

With McDSP’s Emmy award-winning SA-2, the quality of your recorded dialog will speak for itself

Hear The McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor In Action

How Does The McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor Work?

The SA-2 Dialog Processor is made up of 5 bands of strategic active equalization, configured in a variety of modes to best address common issues of dialog. Each band of active equalization has a threshold control to determine at what signal level the active equalizer begins to effect the signal. There are also “enable” buttons for each band to quickly audition the effect of any given band. There are also two mode selectors – one for controlling the ballistics of the active equalization, and a second for placing the five bands at strategic locations in the frequency spectrum. Finally, there are input and output gain controls for overall adjustment. Everything you need to bring your vocal or dialog track clearly into focus.

Why The McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor Is Such A Big Deal

McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor
  • Five independent bands of strategic active equalization
  • Multiple process modes for a variety of applications
  • Unique signal reduction metering
  • Double precision processing
  • Ultra low latency
  • Mono and stereo versions
What People Are Saying About
The McDSP SA-2 Dialog Processor

““It did act as a really nice high frequency catcher on my dialog group. It worked very well for me.””

Pro Tools Expert

“After taking the SA-2 for a test drive, I can see myself using this quite often, and not only for dialog, but for instruments as well.”

Studio One Expert

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