McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb

McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb

McDSP Revolver is a high-powered convolution reverb that operates like no other and offers unprecedented impulse response control. It will help you add shape and character to your mix in ways that were simply not possible with traditional hardware reverb emulations.

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A film, game or television show’s soundtrack can lift the emotional tone of a scene to heights that simply aren’t possible with video alone.  So you want that audio track to sound as compelling, and be as effective, as possible.  And reverb is one of those effects that can enrich a dull-sounding soundscape and add excitement and vibrancy to any sonic environment.  It can also create a sense of space that sometimes gets lost when close-miking voices and instruments in an acoustically dead studio.

Reverb can also be incredibly effective when an engineer needs to match spaces between layered sound FX and the environment you see on screen.

And because recording engineers have been working with reverb in various ways for so many years, they’ve developed new and exciting ways of using and manipulating it to suit their creative purposes.  And each way has its own sound and character and impacts the mix in a truly unique fashion.

In today’s audio production world, we basically have 2 choices when it comes to reverb

  1. Algorithmic - This creates echoes using mathematical algorithms to simulate a reverb’s delays. This synthesis of echoes can be performed much more efficiently on a computer, and uses very limited processing power.
  2. Convolution - Convolution reverb is a process that digitally simulates the reverberation of a physical or virtual space.

In today’s technologically advanced world, where creators have more mixing and production options than they know what do with, audio engineers are often faced with a simple dilemma - how do you know which tool is “right” for the job?

Fortunately, the innovative design team at McDSP are all about solving problems, improving the speed and quality of your workflow, and ensuring that the sound quality of your final product matches your creative vision.  They make the tough decisions, so YOU don’t have to.

Introducing The McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb

McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb

For over 20 years, the pioneering engineers at McDSP have been at the forefront of the audio plug-in industry. Their years of experience have led to them creating many award-winning software products that have changed the way engineers and artists alike think about audio production. And with the new Revolver convolution reverb plug-in, they have once again redefined what is possible.

Revolver includes the most compelling impulse response library to date, with hundreds of sounds from rare “holy grail” out-of-production, reverbs, to rare vintage reverbs and wonderfully vibrant and sonically colorful acoustic spaces. And with the addition of Revolver’s creatively designed impulse response tools, you can model brand new acoustic spaces and other outboard gear in a matter of minutes, giving you virtually unlimited reverb possibilities. 

Now You Can...

  • Create One-of-a-Kind Sounds

    Customize reverbs with morphing effects by tweaking a fully assignable EQ in any point of the signal flow.

  • Explore Endless Options

    Dig through over 300 impulse sampled reverbs carefully curated by McDSP’s innovative engineering team

  • Gain Unlimited Control Of Your Mix

    Use crossover controls to make different parts of the frequency spectrum respond to the reverb in a virtually infinite number of ways

  • Mix Without Limitations

    Control reverb parameters to create sounds that were once impossible with traditional hardware reverb emulations

  • Design Your Own Reverb Spaces

    Model new spaces and unique outboard equipment using Revolver’s modeling tools to create custom impulse responses

  • Use State-Of-The-Art Features

    Sculpt your mix with advanced reverb controls, dedicated and routable EQ, two sync-able delay lines, a reverb decay crossover network, and specialized stereo imaging for unprecedented flexibility.

McDSP Revolver is what convolution reverb was always meant to be.

Hear The McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb In Action

How Does The McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb Work?

Controls for the total reverb time (in percent and RT60 values), as well as wet and dry levels, are always displayed. The remainder of the Revolver plug-in interface is separated into several control pages and views. Graphical representations of signal flow, impulse response data, EQ responses, and even images of the impulse response source are available you can easily adjust your desired parameters.

Also, all parameter adjustments are heard immediately, and the outputs are not muted during any control updates, so you never need to wait while the reverb is re-rendered. All this, while being extremely kind to your CPU.

Why The McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb Is Such A Big Deal

McDSP Revolver Convolution Reverb
  • Huge library of presets of out of production reverbs, rare vintage reverbs, and acoustic spaces
  • Total impulse response manipulation
  • Pre-delay (positive or negative)
  • Two-band dedicated reverb EQ
  • Three-band routable EQ
  • Two sync-able delay lines
  • Tools for creating custom impulse responses
  • Reverb decay crossover network
  • Double precision processing
  • Low latency
  • Mono and stereo versions
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