McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

The McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip has 25 EQ, compressor, gate, expander, saturator, and filter modules, with simple drag-and-drop functionality for on-the-fly module auditioning.

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Do you ever feel there’s something missing when you mix “in the box?”

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We hear it time and time again

There’s something missing in a “digital” mix.

There’s no character

No personality or “vibe”

No mojo

Make no mistake…

I don’t fully disagree
What we often feel is “lacking” is a combination of saturation and compression that we’ve grown to love in many of our favorite recordings.

Whether it came from a compressor pushed extra hard, or the levels on a piece of equipment were driven into the red…

The sonic imprint left by these techniques were, and still are undeniable.

But these days, we have SO many new tools and plug-ins to introduce these beloved characteristics back into our digital environment.

And this is one is leading the pack
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25 Essential Tools For Your Mix - In ONE "Ultimate" Plug-in

Introducing The McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip

McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip
The 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip has everything you need to make your mix sound great.

Each module in the 6050 draws on classic and modern designs over the last four decades and also includes every module from the the award-winning McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ and McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor plug-ins.

We’re talking emulations for every occasion.

Not to mention the additional modules include gates, expanders, signal saturators, and specialized filters.

Watch The McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip In Action

How Does The McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip Work?

The 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip has input and output stages, wrapped around 3 module bays in which any of the 28 modules can be inserted. Easily drag and drop any module to rearrange the signal flow of your channel strip. A module selector panel allows quick auditioning of equalizers, compressors and additional effects. Like the original 6020 and 6030 plug-ins, each new module in the 6050 draws on classic and modern designs over the last four decades. Operation is simple and intuitive, and the sound quality is what professionals worldwide have come to know in McDSP plug-ins.

Featured Compressor Modules


The British-C model offers the standard compressor control set, but McDSP added internal smarts to prevent unwanted distortion, even at extreme compression settings.

Based on the acclaimed Fairchild 670, a new set of attack ballistics was created to accommodate modern production styles, the ‘warmth’ factor was tweaked, and the U670 was born.
Moo Tube

An all tube design emulation, with some unique twists. Mid range sensitivity, attack and recovery time ranges, and output frequency response characteristics were all re-worked by McDSP engineering.

Attack and release times are not adjustable, but are instead automatically updated based on user selected threshold and ratio control values. Good on songs headed to iTunes.

These Opto models use McDSP designed key signal circuits for an improved response from the originals. The Opto models also use a different release characteristic, because we like to tweak!
Over EZ

The Over EZ module incorporates a smooth knee response with a flexible control configuration, making it useful in a variety of situations.

The SST’76 is a fast reactive design that sounds great on drums and other percussive sources. The solid-state (SST) circuit model uses a McDSP designed key circuit to boot.

Referred to as ‘The Frog’, the FRG444 uses a moderately aggressive compression design for a more, well, aggressive kind of sound. The FRG444 will give you goose bumps, especially on big rock drum kits.

The D357 is the most aggressive compressor in the 6030 collection. An LED style gain reduction meter is used to display the rapid dynamic range control changes the D357 is capable of enacting on unsuspecting audio.

Featured EQ Modules


The McDSP E670 module has three bands, each with its own continuous gain and frequency controls. The E670, like the original 664 module, is a program equalizer – a gentle set of EQ curves to tweak the tonality of the input signal.
Moo Q

The Moo Q module is a program equalizer like the E670, but derived from all tube designs of the last few decades. Three bands with continuous gain and frequency controls, plus ‘tube accents’ in the output stage.

The iQ has only two bands – a low shelf EQ and a high shelf EQ. Additional circuitry is included for coloring the sound, even when set to zero. Want low end ‘glow’ or high end ‘sheen’? The iQ module is a good choice.

The E300 and E301 modules have the same frequency ranges, with the E301 narrower in bandwidth. Both are good for shaping up guitars, bringing out a vocal, or getting the most out of your drum tracks.

The classic high pass filter, low shelf, parametric, and high shelf combination makes the British-E module useful for many mixing applications.

Using the same filter and EQ configuration as the British-E – a high pass filter to carve out the rumble, capable low and high shelving EQ, and a fairly flexible parametric EQ, the EZ Q module gets the job done.

The EQ’76 module is meant to be paired with the SST’76 compression module. The EQ’76 has four bands of parametric EQ, each with a slight Q-gain dependency.

The FRG EEE is a capable EQ – with the low and high shelving bands performing some amount of cut/boost to offset the boost/cut selected – a clever design technique from many classic EQs.

The E357 module is three bands of aggressive EQ. The shelving bands have more punch at the low end, and a brighter top end, than any other shelving EQ in the collection.

Other Featured Modules


Tracks needing a bit of grit will benefit from a touch up from the S671 saturation module. A Tone control is provided to taylor the ‘edge’ added by the S671 to a variety of applications.

If the analog saturation from the S671 is not the right tone tweak, then the creamy tube overdrive of the Moo-D module may be a better choice. Often a better choice for mixes than for individual tracks.

In-your-face distortion is what the D-100 module is for. When tracks need to get ‘nasty’ the D-100 is a go-to choice.

The Mid Emphasis Filter (MEF) does more than just cut out some of the low and high frequency content of a track. The Emphasis control brings out what is left between the two filter bands, helping tracks stand out without competing with each other.

A re-issue of the classic FilterBank E4 module from 1999, the E404 offers up the same high pass filter, low shelf, parametric, and high shelf EQ that made FilterBank an award-winning plug-in.

Inspired by noise gate units such as the dbx 904, 363x, and 463x, the EZ G is a great complement to the dynamics Over EZ compressor. A set of adjustable side chain high pass and low pass filters make the EZ G a versatile noise gate.

Upwards and downwards expansion is what the FRG X is all about. Up to 24 dB of signal cut or boost is available, along with a ratio control. Adjustable signal chain filtering is included.

The iX downward expander provides as much signal rejection as the EZ G, but as an expander also offers a ratio control to adjust the transition, or slope, between the unaffected and expanded signals.

Why The McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip Is Such A Big Deal

  • Over 25 EQ, compressor, gate, expander, saturator, and filter modules
  • Easy drag and drop, on the fly module auditioning
  • Side chain support
  • Analog Saturation modeling
  • Double precision processing
  • Ultra low latency
  • Mono and stereo versions

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