McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor

McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor

The McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor is ten great compressors in one easy-to-use plugin.  This is the next generation of dynamic range control technology.

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The Easiest Way To Add More Character And Personality To Your Mixes

“Should I use an LA-2A or an 1176 ?” or “What’s the difference between a stock DAW compressor and a vintage compressor emulation?”

Both questions are valid and extremely important since a great compressor is probably one of the most useful tools an engineer can have on hand during a mix. They are the glue that holds a mix together. So you definitely need to know which type of compressor best serves your recording.

Since their inception, engineers have heavily relied on different styles of compression for getting great sounds on vocals, guitars, bass, drums and even the entire mix. So why would anyone want to reach for vintage compressor emulation plugins over the stock DAW plugins?

The answer is simple…CHARACTER!!

Not all compressors are created equal. Your choice of compressor depends heavily on what are you trying to achieve in terms of texture. Vintage compressors give you one thing above all else…tone. Lovely, gooey, analog tone.  Because they are loaded with transformers, resistors, wiring and capacitors, vintage compressors all ”color” your sound in a different way. Your choice of compressor can very easily make or break your recording, hence the importance of understanding the differences between them.

So, let’s look at the four main types of vintage compressors:

  • VCA: You may use a VCA (DBX 160) compressor on a very percussive recording to control the peaks efficiently and transparently.
  • Opto: Want to tighten up the mix a bit without killing the transient and leach the life out of it? An Opto compressor (like an LA-2A) will do a wonderful job.
  • Variable-Mu: A Variable Mu (Fairchild, Manley), known for their very warm and rich sound, can be used to make things softer and smoother.
  • FET: And everything else that needs bite, punch or “snap” a FET (1176) is the compressor of choice. Known for their rich and warm distortion, they are often used on drums, vocals, bass.
  • As you can see, the characteristics of a FET compressor are much different from those of a VCA, Optical, Tube or Transformer based compressor.

One of the secrets of achieving unique textures in your mix is by having the right combination of compressors doing the right things. For example, you won’t get an LA-2A “sound” by using an 1176. That’s why engineers will often use more than one compressor for a single track.

So the next time you reach for a vintage compressor emulation to help massage a mix into shape, think about the sound you are trying to achieve and then make your selection.

And now the easiest and most affordable way to explore all of those different compression styles is with the new McDSP Ultimate Compressor. With 10 different modules in a single interface, it is the closest you’ll come to being in a room filled with vintage analog compressors,

Your one-stop compression shop...

Introducing The McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor

McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor

The 6030 Ultimate Compressor is the next generation of dynamic range control technology. Building from the entire McDSP compression algorithm code base, the 6030 adds new sonic capabilities, stunning new interfaces, and quality only McDSP could deliver.

Using the popular module format, this plug-in offers ten different compressors. All of these designs are by McDSP – some completely from the ground up, while others are emulations of existing gear with unique variations created by McDSP. Each module is easy to operate, and yet has enough sophistication for the most discerning professional.

Whatever your style, from smooth tube emulations to aggressive solid-state designs, the 6030 Ultimate Compressor has a custom-made dynamic range control module that is just right for you.

Now You Can...

  • Speed Up Your Workflow

    Quickly and easily audition 10 of the best compressors of all time in one comprehensive plugin

  • Mix Without Limits

    Let the 6030’s accurate analog saturation processing and ultra-low latency make your mix sound exactly the way you want!

  • Go Beyond Hardware

    Get the sound of the best compressors of all time, with brand new added features that make their functionality even better than their analog ancestors!

  • Use One-of-a-Kind Plug-ins

    Sample brand new original McDSP designs to help you find the perfect compressor for your mix!

  • Expand Your Tonal Possibilities

    Browse through a full spectrum of compressor options from all-tube designs to solid-state technology!

  • Get That "High-End" Sound

    Hear what your music sounds like through spot-on emulations of some of the greatest and most-recorded compressors of all time, without having to book time at high-end studios!

Watch The McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor In Action

Featured Compressor Modules


The U670 has a lot to live to. After all, it is based on one of the most revered processors in the history is recorded music…the Fairchild 670. The mere mention of this vintage compressor is enough to put a smile on the face of almost every audio engineer in the world. Developed in in the early 50’s by American engineer Rein Narma, it might be the most imitated compressor ever. Its decades of use since the 1950’s means that it has found its way onto many of the greatest recordings of all time. And because several Fairchild 670 units were famously brought to Abbey Road studios in the early 60’s, almost every Beatles track was put through them, making engineers and audiences alike incredibly familiar with its sound.

The new British-C is the absolute best digital compressor you could hope for, if you love the sound of the classic Neve 33609. Since 1969, the Neve 33609 has been a basic necessity in studios worldwide. It’s unique design allows it to be as transparent or as colourful as needed, making it incredibly versatile in a variety of recording situations, from production to mastering, all the way to broadcast applications. And because of this adaptability, McDSP took great care in designing the algorithm for the British-C, to ensure a distortion free sound, even at higher compression levels, and the functionality to add an edge-smoothing sound to a piano or acoustic guitar track, while at the same time adding that magical “snap” that has become synonymous with British style compressors.

The Opto-C/Opto-L bases its sound and style on the classic Teletronix LA-2A, and comes as close as a plugin can possibly get to its hardware inspiration. The LA-2A is a phenomenal hand-wired and tube-based compressor that features a cadmium-sulfide light dependent resistor called a T4 cell. The properties of this cell allow it to be completely program dependent, thus giving it its incredibly unique character. Invented by James F. Lawrence ll in the early 1960s, and inducted into the TECnology Hall Of Fame in 2004, the LA-2A has become one of the most sought-after compressors of all time.
Over EZ

The Over-EZ is one the smoothest and least obtrusive compressors in this batch. It is modelled on the classic dbx 165, with it’s now-famous “over-easy” system, created to more effectively hide artifacts by allowing the implementing of compression more slowly. It can therefore add that squishy or “rubbery” sound to a track, while remaining incredibly transparent. The smooth knee response of this compressor tends to work best when constantly applied to a signal, to add a consistency in dynamic, rather than being applied to grab random peaks or add punchiness. In this sense, it can do wonders to a vocal performance when you need it to remain as natural-sounding as possible, even while applying a generous amount of gain reduction.

Few processors in the world can match the track record of Universal Audio's famed 1176 compressor. Almost immediately after its introduction to the world in the 1967, it became a recording studio “must-have”, and has remained one ever since. Universal Audio and UREI founder Bill Putnam has been described as “the father of modern recording”. He is recognized as the inventor of the modern recording console, as well as a primary figure in the post-war commercial recording industry, having worked with such legendary acts as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington and others. Using solid-state technology, the 1176’s signature lightning-fast attack and release times quickly made it a favourite among engineers who needed a way to add a significant amount of punch or energy to a track, whether it be a drum track or a vocal. Recording industry icon Bruce Swedien used the 1176 on every Michael Jackson vocal he ever recorded. The sound of the unit itself is actually so unique, and adds such a “hot” and presence-filled quality to anything passing through it, that some engineers even choose to use it with the compression turned completely off.
Moo Tube

The Moo Tube draws its inspiration from an absolute classic in compression technology…the Manley Stereo Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor. Recording and film engineer David Manley founded his pro audio equipment company Manley Laboratories in 1988. Though mainly specializing in tube amplifier design and manufacturing, Manley Laboratories eventually expanded their brand to include a wide range of studio products. And in 1994, the Stereo Variable Mu Limiter Compressor was born. Originally based on the Fairchild 670, it has gone on to become a favourite of producers and recording engineers worldwide, who want some of the classic 670 sound, but with a slightly sweeter sound and even more control. And thanks in part to features like adjustable attack and release settings and true variable gain, the Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor has gone on to become Manley’s best-selling product.

This is a McDSP original, designed to prepare songs for iTunes and other online streaming services. It features only two knobs, for Threshold and Ratio, while attack and release variables are automatically updated based on user-selected threshold and ratio control values. It is a simple yet effective compressor with a slightly aggressive edge designed to bring certain sounds right up front in a mix. The relatively fast attack and release times make it ideal for pop and rock productions that require a certain amount of dirt and grit on either drums, guitar or bass.

The FRG 444, nicknamed The Frog by McDSP staff, is one of the more aggressive compressors in this batch. Like the iComp, it is an original McDSP creation, uniquely designed for inclusion in the 6030 bundle. If you really want to push something to the point of nice, crunchy distortion, then the FRG 444 is for you. Its fast attack, a little like the SST’76 on steroids, works wonderfully when you really wanna smash a sound source hard, to either add energy, or just plain old fashion distortion. Perfect on big rock drum kits.

If aggression is what you you want, then look no further than the D357. McDSP jokingly warm engineers to use the D357 with caution, as it packs quite a compression-filled punch. It includes a perfectly titled ratio control knob named “Crush”, and uses 3 indicator points with “Some” at the beginning, “More” in the middle, and “Tons” when cranked all the way. If you have a snare drum that you really want to make “snap”, “crackle” or “pop”, or all combination of all 3, then the D357 should be your first choice compressor. Even works magic on drum ambience, to help squeeze every bit of energy out of a performance. Just be careful, as this one’s bark is every bit as aggressive as its bite.

How Does The McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor Work?

McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor

McDSP is proud of their products (FilterBank and CompressorBank for example) and how they can emulate a variety of analog outboard gear by offering unique controls (Peak, Slope, Dip, BITE, Knee for example).

With the 6030 Ultimate Compressor, they’ve taken some revered classics and customized them to their liking. The result is TEN awesome compressors in ONE plug-in! Now some folks might get all shook up in the jimmies when they say they’ve altered some holy grail vintage outboard gear – but being creative is about taking chances, not re-hashing what has already been done before.

Why The McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor Is Such A Big Deal

McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor
  • 10 compressor modules in a single interface
  • Side chain support
  • Analog Saturation modeling
  • Double precision processing
  • Ultra low latency
  • Mono and stereo versions
What People Are Saying About
The McDSP 6030 Ultimate Compressor

McDSP has put together one of the most comprehensive, unique and remarkable sounding compressor plug-ins I’ve ever used. With a very affordable price tag, the 6030’s quality and quantity to price ratio is outstanding.

-Sonic Scoop

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, wonderful-sounding, versatile-as-hell compressor plug-in, look no further than 6030 Ultimate Compressor.

-Tape Op

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