McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ

McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ

The McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ has ten EQ models inspired by the best equalizers of the last four decades, from classic to modern.

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Why Not All EQs are Created Equal

We’ve all heard the countless arguments between engineers about this EQ being perfect for this or that.

An EQ is an EQ right? Boost a few frequencies here, cut a few frequencies there...

Oh, If only it were that simple.

Why is it that some EQs just sound more “musical” on certain things?

Some might add clarity and punch whereas others sound smooth and silky.

Some just have a sound that is all their own.

Of course, there are the people who argue that you can take any decent EQ and create all of the curve/phase characteristics of any other EQ.

Again, if it were only that simple.

First, you can’t compare EQ’s by simply matching dials and numbers.

Second, who really has the time to use an analyzer do all of this?

Not to mention after all that, you’ll still be missing what makes each EQ truly unique. That one sonic quality you just can’t put your finger on, The magic makes each vintage EQ so special and so musical.

You’re missing the EQ’s “X” Factor.

Because a vintage EQ that stands out adheres to this simple, but indispensable formula: EQ+X

Where X can be saturation, bandwidth limits, soft clipping and so on…

That’s the magic.

Now we all know that there are tons of emulated tried and true vintage EQs out there. You probably already have a favorite or two

But what if that X factor came from not just these vintage EQs you know and love

What if that X factor came from other classic hardware that also has magic sonic qualities

Like emulating the “X” factor of a legendary compressor and add THAT sonic imprint to an EQ?

Imagine all the new sound possibilities if someone actually did that.

Well, you’re in luck, because the engineers over at McDSP did exactly that and you won’t believe the results…

Introducing The McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ

McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ

The 6020 Ultimate EQ is a collection of ten equalizer models using the popular module format leveraging McDSP’s 15+ years of design experience.

All 6020 Ultimate EQ modules are designed by McDSP, drawing on inspiration from classic and modern equalizers over the last four decades. Each module is easy to operate, and yet has enough sophistication for the most discerning professional.

Whatever your style, from smooth tube emulations to aggressive solid-state designs, the 6020 Ultimate EQ has a custom-made equalizer module that is just right for you.

Now You Can...

  • Speed Up Your Workflow

    Quickly and easily audition 10 of the best EQs in one user-friendly interface!

  • Mix Without Limits

    Mix with freedom and confidence thanks to McDSP’s Ultra-low latency plugins that include exciting modern features such as analog saturation modeling!

  • Go Beyond Hardware

    Use the best sounds of the past, with the technology of the future, thanks to a host of added features from McDSP engineers that enhance the emulations of the most classic units, to make them more suited to today’s modern productions!

  • Use One-of-a-Kind Plug-ins

    Sample brand new original McDSP designs to help you find the perfect EQ for your mix!

  • Expand Your Tonal Possibilities

    Cover all your processing bases with thanks to a full spectrum of EQ options from emulations of hard-to-find, boutique analog processors to unique McDSP designs!

  • Get That "High-End" Sound

    Get that classic vintage sound with EQ models based on warm, all-tube technology, with special “tube accents” to complement the tubes tones from the different equalizer bands!

Watch The McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ In Action

Featured EQ Modules


The E670 is modelled after the somewhat obscure Fairchild 664 EQ. And like it’s analog inspiration, it is a program EQ that offers a gentle set of curves to tweak the tonality of the input signal. The E670 does its job by pairing high and low frequency shelves with a mid-range band that excels at adding bite and punch without ever getting harsh. Founded in Whitestone, NY in 1931, Fairchild Recording Equipment Corporation was initially started to augment founder Sherman Fairchild’s interest in photography and image projection. Over time, Fairchild products have become some of the most used and in-demand studio tools in the world today. Perhaps the most famous are the legendary Fairchild compressors, models 660 and 670, that can fetch up to $30,000 apiece, and were created by future Fairchild chief engineer Rein Narma for Les Paul’s first 8-channel mixing console. Talk about a company with history in the field of recording.

There is a certain fascination that audio engineers have with tube-based equipment. And why not? Some of the greatest sounding modules of all time are based on tube technology. Many argue that this offers an unparalleled warmth to any signal passing through it. Hence the reason so many plugins aim to reproduce that warm tube sound that music fans have subconsciously become familiar with over the years. And the MooQ is one of those plugins. Like the E670, it is a program equalizer, but it was derived from the best all-tube designs of the last few decades. It includes 3 bands of continuous gain and frequency controls, plus some ‘tube accents’ in the output stage of the equalizer to complement the ‘tube tones’ from the equalizer bands.

The IQ is the 3rd and final program equalizer in the 6020. Though the iQ only features 2 bands, a high shelf EQ and a low shelf EQ, don’t let that fool you into believing it is any less effective than the first 2 modules in this batch. Its design most closely resembles the look and functionality of analog gear from the 50’s and 60’s. It features basic tone control confined to some strategic frequency ranges. Think of it as “intelligent EQ”, hence the name. But the sound of any EQ unit is not solely based on its control knobs. Additional circuitry is included in the iQ for coloring the sound, even when the all equalizer gains are set to zero. So if you’re looking for that sometimes-indescribable low end ‘glow’, or that often-tricky high end ‘sheen’, the iQ module is a great first choice to help make your mix sound the way it does in your head.

As part of their acclaimed 6030 plugin, McDSP included the Opto-C/Opto-L compressor and limiter, based on the history-making Teletronix LA-2A. So it only made sense that McDSP would release an EQ to perfectly complement the compressor modules in the Opto-C/Opto-L. And when someone designs an EQ to be a sort of “companion module” to something that is based on one of greatest and most highly regarded compressors of all time, then you know the production standard was high. The 300 and the 301have the same frequency ranges, but the E301 is a tad narrower in bandwidth, especially at higher gain settings. But both are workhorses, and are great for shaping up guitar track tones, bringing out a vocal, or getting the most of your drum tracks.

Ask anyone who knows, and they will tell you that the Neve name is synonymous with quality, and always has been. Rupert Neve is a British electronics engineer and entrepreneur who was also a pioneering designer of professional audio recording equipment. His first company was a manufacturer of high end recording consoles in England. To this day his mixing desks are regarded as some of the finest ever built, and the man himself was recently selected by his peers as the number one audio personality of the 20th century. McDSP’s own FilterBank plug-in, originally released in 1998, harnessed the fundamental design characteristics of the original Neve line of equalizers, most notably the famous1073 and 1084, with its unique Peak, Slope, and Dip controls. This new British-E module uses this same FilterBank technology to create an amalgamation of great Neve equalizers. The classic high pass filter, low shelf, parametric, and high shelf combination makes the British-E module useful for many mixing applications. And you can’t go wrong with something that is a tribute to an absolute timeless classic.

Once upon a time, a company called dbx released one of the most classic compressors of all time, the dbx 165. Unfortunately, they never released any equalizers that lived up to the high bar and high expectations set by their much beloved compressor. This is where McDSP stepped up. Their aim with the EZ Q was to create an EQ that matched some of the great sonic qualities of the dbx 165 compressor. After all, the Over-EZ module in the McDSP Ultimate Compressor plugin already models the best of the dbx 165. So if you’re a dbx 165 fan, and you enjoy the similar qualities in the Over-EZ, then the EZ Q should be your first choice in terms of an equalizer. It uses the same filter and equalizer configuration in the British-E module, and features a high pass filter to carve out the rumble, a capable low and high shelving EQ, and a fairly flexible parametric EQ. Whatever the job, the EZ Q module will get it done.

When McDSP designed the SST’76 for their 6030 Ultimate Compressor plugin, they modelled one of the most used and acclaimed analog compressors of all time…Universal Audio’s famous 1176. Universal Audio and UREI founder Bill Putnam has been described as “the father of modern recording”, and his 1176 has been used on some of the most seminal recordings of all time. So after the great feedback on the SST’76 compressor, McDSP decided to create an EQ module that is meant to be paired perfectly with it. The EQ’76’s design also borrows from another UREI classic, the 545 parametric equalizer. It has four bands of parametric equalization, each with a slight Q-gain dependency, as well as several modifications made by McDSP’s own engineering staff, in order to best handle today’s modern productions.

McDSP continues their tradition of creating complementing modules with the FRG EEE, designed to be used in tandem with their FRG 444 compressor, a fairly aggressive original McDSP design, included in the 6030 Ultimate Compressor plugin. With two parametric EQ bands bounded by low and high shelving, the FRG EEE is a capable equalizer, not unlike what is seen in modern channel strips in analog mixing consoles. One more interesting feature, borrowed from many classic equalizers, is that the low and high shelving bands perform some amount of cut/boost to offset the boost/cut selected. This can be incredibly useful for some mixing or mastering tasks.

The final digital unit in McDSP’s 6020 Ultimate EQ plugin is the E357, the companion module to the D357, the most aggressive compressor in the 6030 Ultimate Compressor plugin. Both modules are original McDSP designs, and have a similar character and attitude. The E357 module features three bands of aggressive equalization, with shelving bands have more punch at the low end, and a brighter top end, than any other shelving EQ in the 6020 collection. It sounds great on bass and synth tracks, and both the D357 compressor and the E357 EQ are great choices for fine tuning the tone of a drum buss. If aggression is what you are looking for in an EQ, then the E357 is the module for you.

How Does The McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ Work?

McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ

The 6020 Ultimate EQ plug-in is a window into the minds of the audio dsp nerds at McDSP. Years of obsessing over why certain analog units have become classics, and taking that knowledge to a digital software platform is what makes our day jobs very cool. The original equipment was, and still is, amazing. For folks who want those sounds in a few channels, there is ebay (or preferably a reputable vintage gear dealer). For folks looking for something a bit different, in a convenient 10-in-1 package, that can run on as many tracks as their computer can handle, there is the 6020 Ultimate EQ.

Why The McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ Is Such A Big Deal

McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ
  • 10 EQ modules in a single interface
  • Input & output control
  • Analog Saturation modeling
  • Double precision processing
  • Ultra low latency
  • Mono and stereo versions
What People Are Saying About
The McDSP 6020 Ultimate EQ

You can hear the difference they’re making…just gives more presence in the mix.

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