McDSP 4020 Retro EQ

McDSP 4020 Retro EQ

The McDSP 4020 Retro EQ is a vintage-sounding four-band parametric EQ, with variable slope filtering, Analog Saturation Modeling, double precision processing and more.

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Introducing The McDSP 4020 Retro EQ

McDSP 4020 Retro EQ

Retro plug-ins are a line of ‘classics’ that can live up to their own name without emulating something else.

The 4020 Retro EQ is a four-band EQ and complimentary filter set. The HF and LF bands are shelving EQ, with two additional parametric EQs at the HMF and LMF bands.

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How Does The McDSP 4020 Retro EQ Work?

McDSP 4020 Retro EQ

All EQ bands operate on a unique gain dependent variable slope/Q system for a vintage smooth sound and increased boost/cut frequency selectivity high gains. The HPF and LPF filters use a unique split-octave design giving a 12 dB/Oct slope near the selected frequency, and a maximum slope of 24 dB/Oct.

All Retro plug-ins use a McDSP designed output stage topology to eliminate digital clipping at any output level and produce a smoother distortion characteristic. This feature is in addition to the analog saturation modeling that has made McDSP famous over the last decade.

Why The McDSP 4020 Retro EQ Is Such A Big Deal

McDSP 4020 Retro EQ
  • Unique original algorithms with transparent yet vintage sound
  • Variable slope filtering
  • Variable Q/slope Shelving and Parametric EQ
  • Anti-Clip Output Stage Topology
  • Analog Saturation Modeling
  • Double Precision Processing
  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Mono and stereo versions
What People Are Saying About
The McDSP 4020 Retro EQ

“Acoustic and electric guitars got beefy; drums got bold and good sounds were obtained with minimal fuss.”
-Delicious Audio

“I quickly found out that I could rely on the 4020 Retro EQ to inject a richer, smoother, and more finessed sound in the box, while working with the same speed that I typically do.”
-Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Paramore, M83, Young the Giant)

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